I live in a southern state and every summer I ask myself why I do live here in this hot, humid climate that makes me feel icky most of the year. It is hot and humid at least nine months of every year, and the three months in the middle of the summer can only be described as brutal. For me, there is no relief from the heat other than two things: swimming and air conditioning. If I could spend those three months swimming in a pool all day, I would no doubt do it. Unfortunately, I am expected to be at this place known as the office. The workday really gets in the way of spending lots of time at the city swimming pool. The other thing that ruins my swimming adventures is the daily thunderstorm that happens where I live nearly every day in the dog days of summer. That means I am left with one source of relief: the air conditioning. The HVAC systems in my neck of the woods include heaters (which I never use), air conditioners, and dehumidifiers. Many people may not realize the the central air conditioning systems where we live include dehumidifiers because our air is so humid. I did not know about the dehumidifiers until I went to visit the southwest, where the air conditioners include humidifiers. They have no moisture in the air, so they need humidifiers. You can practically drink our air, so we need dehumidifiers. Between the rare day when weather allows me to swim, and the indoor air conditioning systems, I survive our southeastern summers.

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