AC in our play area

I’m a stay at home mother to three children under the age of 7. It’s a full time job trying to maintain a home, plus keep up with three young kids who are always looking for something to do. Our favorite season is summer, because the kids and I can play outside for hours. There’s so much to do during the  summer season. We can swim, go to the park, ride our bikes, or color our driveway in chalk. However, our least favorite season is winter. We get stuck inside with nothing to do because it’s too cold outside. I find myself struggling to keep my kids busy and not whining and fighting out of boredom. During the winter, I take the kids out to lunch at our favorite fast food restaurant. They love the chicken and the amazing play place. While I enjoy getting out of the house for a few hours, I hate sitting in the play area with them. It’s always super hot and stuffy inside, even though the rest of the restaurant felt fine. When I asked the manager about adjusting the AC in the play area, he kindly told me that their HVAC system was old and struggled to keep it cool. One day, I took the kids to the restaurant  and the play area was surprisingly colder than the rest of the store! When I asked the manager why it was so cold inside, he told me that they had just replaced all their air filters. Apparently, the air filters were consumed with so much dust and grime that it was preventing the cool air from entering the play area!