What a great HVAC unit

I grew up in the most harsh of harsh climate zones. I will spare you the details as to what the name and latitude/longitude coordinates of my hometown were, but I must say that there is no colder, more intensely windy place in the known universe. Everyday starts out so cold that no human is able to go outside without sporting a full body-suit, full face-mask, and goggles. Even then, the wind cuts through and you are reduced to a shivering mess within minutes. This is also the only place in the known universe where there are real dragons still living, though I will spare you those details as well. I no longer live there these days. When my air conditioner hums sweetly on hot summer days, I always think back to that awful place. Furnaces were all I knew growing up. It wasn’t until I was fifteen years of age, that I first heard mention of climate control systems that actually are intended to cool the air. As far as I was concerned, “HVAC system” meant the exact same thing as “heater”. As it turns out though, some places require A/C! Thank the heavens! I couldn’t believe that there were actually places where you didn’t need a heater or fireplace to be cooking away at all times. The elders of our community thought that this climate control knowledge should be kept secret until a person was no longer a child. When phrase “air conditioner” was whispered to me on my fifteenth birthday, I knew immediately that this climate control implement and the need thereof was to be a part of my life ASAP.

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