Reasoning my way through the problems

I have never been much of a logician and I realize that this is probably my main shortcoming. In the spur of the moment, my decision making skills are just not there. If I am given time to solve a problem though, I can usually come up with as good a solution as anybody. It just takes time and that is not always something one has. In any case, I have noticed a few things that seem to smooth out my clumsy reasoning. For one, if I get a good night’s sleep, it’s usually easier for me to deal with life and the things it throws at me. I feel like that is true for most people though. Another helpful thing is air conditioning. Whether I am at home or out and about, making sense of things is always easier with climate control. When it gets super hot and humid, my whole being just shuts down. I recall the HVAC system at my parents’ house when I was growing up, was not the best. The air conditioner would regularly stop working and then I would have to just sit and sweat. Maybe the lack of climate control then, caused my impaired reasoning. Whatever the cause, I know that when a good A/C unit is running, all the gears in my brain are turning. So, I try to spend my days in places with HVAC systems. Malls and restaurants are great and usually have some really fantastic air conditioning. Luckily I work in I.T. so I do not have to worry about having my brain impaired by poor air quality on the job.

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