I finally solved the issues

I am very happy with my current job.  I work reasonable hours, get paid really well, and have a fantastic benefits package.  I like my coworkers, and am lucky enough to have my own office with a fantastic view, comfortable chair, and even a private bathroom.  My only complaint is the temperature of the building.  Although there is a thermostat located in my office, I do not have the ability to make any changes to the settings.  The temperature in the building is monitored and adjusted from a remote location.  No one within the building has access to the heating or cooling settings.   The building is typically far too cold, especially during the summer months.  Although the outside temperature is hot and humid, I spend the day bundled up in heavy sweaters, shivering and uncomfortable.  I wish that I could open my windows and let in some fresh, warm air.  On my lunch hour, I often go for walks outside to warm up.  It feels wonderful to be out in the heat and soak up a bit of sunshine.  However, I hate stepping back inside the freezing cold building with the air conditioner blasting at maximum capacity.  I’ve tried moving my desk to different locations within my office, trying to escape the air from the overhead HVAC vents.  It doesn’t matter where I set my chair, there is no escape.  I look forward to the fall season, because I usually enjoy a day or two before the building’s heating system kicks on.  At that point, I switch from shivering to sweating.  In the middle of January, when it’s snowing outside, I strip down to shorts and a tank at work.