We have so many heating options

A couple weeks during the summer I will house sit for this woman who’s a friend of a friend, it’s really how I got the gig. It is such a privilege to housesit for her, she has the most beautiful garden and the most delicious green beans, strawberries, and lettuce, and spinach. My favorite part is munching on the green beans while watering all the plants. She asked me to come for two weeks in the winter this year. While I was familiar with her house already she had me come over early on to explain a little about her finicky heating system and hot water system.  Her primary source of heat is the wood stove, she has a smallish house so it suffices in the winter once you get it cranking. The thermostat to the radiators was behind her African wall hanging and tucked behind her dresser was a small space heater.  I definitely felt there were plenty heating sources to stay warm for the next couple of weeks. It definitely got cold enough a few nights to need all three heating sources going at once. She warned that sometimes during a shower the hot water will turn off and in the event that happens, be sure to shut off the water and turn it back on. She can’t explain it, but perhaps it resets the hot water, but it always works for her. I am always weary when using someone else’s heat or air conditioning, I made sure to crank the wood stove so that would carry the burden of the cold, and there’s no heat like a wood stove heat.