We don’t have HVAC in our factory

After years working the retail side of a fine woodenware small town touristy shop, I requested to work back in the factory. Donna warned about the lack of any kind of heating or cooling system. She said there were only a few weeks in the off seasons the factory was bearable, other than that there is no a/c for the summer time and there is no heating during the winter. But I prefer the early hours, and I would much prefer a lack of heating or cooling equipment to the mindless questions and neediness of the customers. I enjoy the task oriented nature of the factory, and we’re all so involved and focused on our job and with all machinery going you can’t worry about small talk or mindless conversations. It is most certainly an upgrade. But the summers are worst! Luckily we start early enough to beat the majority of the heat but with the all the machinery running and the lifting and lugging, it is hot and sweaty work. The fans we have set up help, but they make things messy as well. I knew what I got into so I won’t complain about the heat or cold, but what I will say is next door could use a humidistat. The house next door is used for staining and oiling and although it was once used as a house, there is not central air, there is no heating or cooling system of any kind. All that oil in the summer soaks into the air, and in turn soaks into our skin, our hair, we breathe it in. The heat makes that oil room unbearably humid in the summer! Still, I’ll take that over customer relations any day.

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