Some people don’t like outdoor HVAC systems

I have a love hate relationship with outdoor shopping malls. I love to shop and be outside. So an outdoor mall sounds like a fine idea to me. I like that I still get to experience the sunshine even when I have to shop. But I hate the air conditioning in the stores. It is my punishment, I think, for enjoying the outdoor weather. The AC in each store is so intense. It is quite a shock each time I walk in the doorway. I go from being a great temperature, the sun on my face, to freezing to death. The AC smacks you in the face and leaves goosebumps. It would really be smarter for the stores to have a cooling system, but set the thermostat a little higher. Have the indoor air temperature similar to what it is outside. Just have it a few degrees colder. It would feel like a relief, but it would not smack me in the face with it. What is worse is when the stores have their doors open. The AC leaks out the door and hits your legs as you walk by. Can you imagine how high those cooling bills are? They literally are throwing the AC out the door. The thermostat must be set super low to not only cool the store, but to create a AC draft as you go by. They really should close the door when they blast AC. It is nicer on the system too. The air conditioner struggles to create the perfect indoor air temperature. Opening the door is just setting it up for failure.

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