My wife’s parents

Since Joan and I got married, her father has tried to deliver us unsolicited advice on everything in our lives… From how to mow our lawn to HVAC repair to how to have a baby, her father has an opinion on everything, but while his thoughts on Joan’s reproductive health were not appreciated, Joan and I did learn a lot from what her father had to say about our HVAC systems, and my father in law has lived in the same home for over 24 years, and her dad has never had a concern with his AC system or his heater… Her father attributes his success to the regular HVAC repair that he acquires from their local HVAC repair shop! As soon as her father moved into his home, her father enrolled in the HVAC service plan. The HVAC service plan guaranteed him a HVAC tune-up every year, and gave him discounts and top priority service on all other HVAC products. As a wedding gift, her father even gave us the same HVAC service plan that he uses, and I’m sure glad that her father did, but on the guy’s first visit, the HVAC worker found a lot of concerns with our Ac system. Our air ducts were totally congested and they really needed cleaning, the HVAC contractor came back later the following day equipped with a long vacuum hose thing to really wash out our HVAC ducts. Once he did that, Joan noticed a crucial difference in our indoor air levels and have been breathing so much nicer ever since!

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