A reliable heating system

I recently moved into a house up in the mountains.  It is extremely remote and private, and the views are amazing.  My home is surrounded by trees, and the house is rather difficult to access.  Because of the abundance of trees, and the mountain location, the summer weather is never overly hot or humid.  There is no need for air conditioning, and I only seldom need to run a few box fans while I’m sleeping.  The winter, however, brings especially cold and snowy weather.  It typically starts snowing in early October and doesn’t quit until the end of April.  The outside temperature frequently drops below zero, and the snow piles up in ten-foot drifts.  It is necessary to make the household heating system a priority.  The furnace needs to operate effectively and reliable.  When a winter storm hits and the roads are closed, a malfunctioning furnace is a safety risk.  I make sure to take the best possible care of my furnace.  Every fall, I contact a licensed HVAC contractor and schedule professional maintenance.  The HVAC technician completes a thorough inspection, looking for any worn or broken parts that may cause a problem.  He replaces the air filter, verifies the integrity of the heat exchanger, checks electrical connections and lubricates all moving parts.  The HVAC technician also cleans all of the components, removing the accumulation of dust and other contaminants.  Because of these proactive measures, my furnace more easily handles the workload, resists malfunctions, and operates more efficiently.  This service also fulfills the manufacturer’s warranty requirements.   Living in the mountains, I am very conscientious about the yearly upkeep of my heating system.

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