Residential HVAC

The warehouse I assemble car parts in has become unbearable to work in for much longer. Work in this county is hard to come by , and I never would have dreamed there would come a time that I might walk away. That was before the corporate takeover of our beloved supplier. Now all of us are owned by a huge conglomerate, that at first told  all of us would be a great thing for our town. However what has happened has been anything but that, as they have fired all the seasoned management, lowered our benefits, and even went so far as to remove our access to the HVAC. Now some huge wig in the bottom half of the country gets to decide how freezing I am. We are inside a metal building for up to twelve hours a day, and occasionally our fingers are so freezing inside our gloved hands, that I can no longer lift the merchandise. Before the new supplier stepped in, there would be a manager in the building who would set our thermostat according to how the temperatures actually were each day, and if the sun came out or it started to get colder, he would change the thermostat and all of us never had a problem with it. Now each day is difficult. Normally all of us are so cold, production can not be high because people are moving slower due to the cold. They need to let us have access to the HVA, so I have sent a memo to our corporate office down south, where they are enjoying the hot sunshine, to complain about this drastic HVAC predicament. If I get fired because I need some heat to do our task, then so be it.

HVAC equipment 

A trip to the museum

When my daughter Kelly’s third grade class decided to visit the local science museum, I volunteered to chaperone.  I don’t enjoy touring any type of museum, but I looked forward to spending time with my daughter.  The morning of the field trip, the outside temperature quickly climbed up into the mid nineties, and the humidity was absolutely brutal.  I had hoped we would travel on an air conditioned charter bus.  I was not happy to discover that our transportation was an ancient school bus with no temperature control, bad shocks, and windows that barely opened.  The drive to the museum was a full hour of torture, and by the time we arrived, I had a vicious headache.  I was actually eager to get inside the museum, because I knew it would be air conditioned.  A sign directly inside the door of the museum explained that the air conditioning was not working and thanked all patrons for their patience.  At that point, I had very little patience left.  I spent the entire day sweating, bored, and escorting third graders to the bathroom.  Because it was so stinking hot, the kids kept drinking water from the fountains and continually needed the bathroom.  We spent several hours looking over dinosaur bones and fossils with sweat running down our faces.  The return trip, on the overheated bus, with no access to any type of cooling, was even worse.  I just wanted to get home, to my air conditioned home, and turn the thermostat way down.  I doubt I will even make the mistake of volunteering to chaperone another field trip.

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Some people don’t like outdoor HVAC systems

I have a love hate relationship with outdoor shopping malls. I love to shop and be outside. So an outdoor mall sounds like a fine idea to me. I like that I still get to experience the sunshine even when I have to shop. But I hate the air conditioning in the stores. It is my punishment, I think, for enjoying the outdoor weather. The AC in each store is so intense. It is quite a shock each time I walk in the doorway. I go from being a great temperature, the sun on my face, to freezing to death. The AC smacks you in the face and leaves goosebumps. It would really be smarter for the stores to have a cooling system, but set the thermostat a little higher. Have the indoor air temperature similar to what it is outside. Just have it a few degrees colder. It would feel like a relief, but it would not smack me in the face with it. What is worse is when the stores have their doors open. The AC leaks out the door and hits your legs as you walk by. Can you imagine how high those cooling bills are? They literally are throwing the AC out the door. The thermostat must be set super low to not only cool the store, but to create a AC draft as you go by. They really should close the door when they blast AC. It is nicer on the system too. The air conditioner struggles to create the perfect indoor air temperature. Opening the door is just setting it up for failure.

HVAC products 

Heat pump units

Did you know that a heat pump is the most energy efficient option in the HVAC industry? Most heating and cooling systems don’t run all that great. Central or forced air HVAC is the worst. That means the heater and air conditioner keeps going and going until they hit the desired amount on your thermostat. The HVAC units struggle in larger homes with lots of open spaces. Also if the ductwork has a leak in it, then the temperature setting is not able to be achieved. The HVAC unit then never turns off. The HVAC system will most likely overheat and prematurely breakdown. Other HVAC options like traditional furnaces and air conditioners without ductwork are not much better. They tend to get dirty easily and ruin air quality. Also the devices are not powerful enough to heat or cool your whole home. So you are stuck getting space heaters or ceiling fans anyway. A heat pump system does not require air ducts and is kept clean. The heat pump also does not create your air, it simply transfers it. That is how the heat pump saves you energy every month. Through an underground loop system, the air is moved to either an indoor or outdoor unit. The heat pump runs at the most efficient setting to save you money. Since it uses outdoor air, you enjoy fresher indoor air quality as well. The only downside however, is the high initial cost of the device. But, over a few months you will make that money back with all of the savings.

heater tune-up 

Getting a ductless heat pump

For the past couple of years, my dad and I have been making homemade wine.  We’ve had such positive feedback from friends and family, that we’ve decided to significantly expand our operation.  Instead of making a few gallons of wine in the basement, we’re planning to build a winery and produce several thousand gallons of wine.  Constructing a building was fairly simple, because all we really need is an open space to work and a shelving system to hold the carboys.  We called in an electrician to handle the wiring, and an HVAC technician to help figure out the heating and cooling.  It is extremely important that the wine is kept at a constant, cool temperature all year round.  The area where we live is quite perfect for growing grapes because of the harsh winter weather and hot summers.  Unfortunately, that means that some type of HVAC is necessary for the majority of the year.  We need to install a temperature control unit that will handle both heating and cooling, but we certainly can’t afford to pay a ton for purchasing and installing the equipment.  We’re not prepared to invest in ductwork and we have no access to natural gas.  We were looking for an electric system that would be both compact and energy efficient.  The HVAC contractor has recommended a ductless heat pump, which would run on electricity, not require complex installation, and effectively maintain ideal temperatures.  The HVAC contractor has assured us that the installation process will only take a few hours and won’t cost a lot to complete.  Because the system features wifi access, we will be able to keep track of temperature inside the winery from an app on our smartphones.  

heat pump 

A reliable heating system

I recently moved into a house up in the mountains.  It is extremely remote and private, and the views are amazing.  My home is surrounded by trees, and the house is rather difficult to access.  Because of the abundance of trees, and the mountain location, the summer weather is never overly hot or humid.  There is no need for air conditioning, and I only seldom need to run a few box fans while I’m sleeping.  The winter, however, brings especially cold and snowy weather.  It typically starts snowing in early October and doesn’t quit until the end of April.  The outside temperature frequently drops below zero, and the snow piles up in ten-foot drifts.  It is necessary to make the household heating system a priority.  The furnace needs to operate effectively and reliable.  When a winter storm hits and the roads are closed, a malfunctioning furnace is a safety risk.  I make sure to take the best possible care of my furnace.  Every fall, I contact a licensed HVAC contractor and schedule professional maintenance.  The HVAC technician completes a thorough inspection, looking for any worn or broken parts that may cause a problem.  He replaces the air filter, verifies the integrity of the heat exchanger, checks electrical connections and lubricates all moving parts.  The HVAC technician also cleans all of the components, removing the accumulation of dust and other contaminants.  Because of these proactive measures, my furnace more easily handles the workload, resists malfunctions, and operates more efficiently.  This service also fulfills the manufacturer’s warranty requirements.   Living in the mountains, I am very conscientious about the yearly upkeep of my heating system.

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My wife’s parents

Since Joan and I got married, her father has tried to deliver us unsolicited advice on everything in our lives… From how to mow our lawn to HVAC repair to how to have a baby, her father has an opinion on everything, but while his thoughts on Joan’s reproductive health were not appreciated, Joan and I did learn a lot from what her father had to say about our HVAC systems, and my father in law has lived in the same home for over 24 years, and her dad has never had a concern with his AC system or his heater… Her father attributes his success to the regular HVAC repair that he acquires from their local HVAC repair shop! As soon as her father moved into his home, her father enrolled in the HVAC service plan. The HVAC service plan guaranteed him a HVAC tune-up every year, and gave him discounts and top priority service on all other HVAC products. As a wedding gift, her father even gave us the same HVAC service plan that he uses, and I’m sure glad that her father did, but on the guy’s first visit, the HVAC worker found a lot of concerns with our Ac system. Our air ducts were totally congested and they really needed cleaning, the HVAC contractor came back later the following day equipped with a long vacuum hose thing to really wash out our HVAC ducts. Once he did that, Joan noticed a crucial difference in our indoor air levels and have been breathing so much nicer ever since!

heater service plan 

Having a little party

Ever since my buddy Terry as well as I have gotten together, my other pals have tried to provide us unsolicited advice on all of the stuff in our lives. The talk about the types of dish cleaners to Heating as well as A/C repair to good places to eat, they have an opinion on everything, and while their beliefs on my diet were not appreciated, Terry and I did learn a lot from what they had to tell us about our Heating as well as A/C systems… My buddies have lived in the same beach apartment for over 3 years, as well as they have never had a real issue with their air conditioner or their heater, then they give off all of their success to the usual Heating as well as A/C repair that they receive from their town Heating as well as A/C repair shop, however as soon as they got into the home, they were set up with the Heating as well as A/C repair plan. The Heating as well as A/C repair method told them a decent working Heating as well as A/C tune-up every year, as well as gave them cut backs as well as priority repair on all other Heating as well as A/C products. As a moving in gift, they even allowed us to enroll in the same Heating as well as A/C repair method that they use, as well as I’m sure pumped that they did, however on the first visit, the Heating as well as A/C worker found a lot of concerns with our air conditioner. Our HVAC ducts were totally icky as well as desperately needed some washing, but he came back later the following week equipped with a good vacuum hose apparatus to thoroughly scrub out our HVAC air ducts. After that, my Terry noticed a huge difference in our indoor air pollen amounts.

HVAC cleaning 

Getting to know my in-laws

Ever since my guy Gary & I have gotten married, my mother in law has tried to provide us unsolicited advice on a ton of things in our lives. From styles of dish soaps to Heating & Air Conditioning repair to birth control, she has a thought on everything! While her thoughts on my reproductive health are not appreciated, I did learn a lot from what she had to say about our Heating & Air Conditioning systems, my mother in law has lived in the same beach house for over 20 years, & she has never had a problem with their a/c system or her heater… She attributes her success to the regular Heating & Air Conditioning repair that they earn from her local Heating & Air Conditioning repair shop, then as soon as she moved into her home, she enrolled in the Heating & Air Conditioning repair plan. The Heating & Air Conditioning repair idea guaranteed them a regular Heating & Air Conditioning tune-up every year, and provided her discounts & priority repair on all new types Heating & Air Conditioning products. As a wedding present, my mother in law even provided to enroll us in the same Heating & Air Conditioning repair idea that they use, & I’m sure cheerful they did, on his number 1 visit, the Heating & Air Conditioning specialist located a lot of problems with our a/c system. Our HVAC ducts were totally gross & desperately needed washing; He came back later that day equipped with a long vacuum hose device to thoroughly clean out our HVAC ducts.

A/C system 

My in-laws are something else

Ever since my Benny and I have gotten married, my in-laws have attempted to give us unsolicited advice on all things in our lives, but from kinds of dish soaps to Heating plus A/C service to birth devices, they have a thought on everything! While their thoughts on my reproductive health were not loved, Benny and I did learn a lot from what they had to say about our Heating plus A/C systems, but my in-laws have lived in the same home for over 10 years, and they have never had an error with their air conditioner or their heater. They attribute their ability to the usual Heating plus A/C service that they get from their nearby Heating plus A/C service shop. As soon as they got into their home, they got into the Heating plus A/C service plan. The Heating plus A/C service plan told them a usual Heating plus A/C tune-up every year, and gave them discounts and priority service on all the types Heating plus A/C products. As a ceremony present, they even allowed us to enroll us in the same Heating plus A/C service plan that they use, and I’m sure happy they did… On her initial visit, the Heating plus A/C specialist found a lot of issues with our AC. Our air ducts were totally jammed and desperately needed cleaning; She came back awhile after the following morning equipped with a long vacuum hose apparatus to thoroughly clean out our air ducts. After all of it, my Benny noticed a big difference in our indoor air pollen amounts and have been breathing easy all the way!

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