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Why don’t people take care of their HVAC systems like they do their bodies or their homes.  We don’t think twice about our yearly physicals or our teeth cleaning.  We have no problem getting our gutters cleaned, or waterproofing our porches and roofs.  Why does everyone have an issue with doing maintenance on their heating and air conditioning.  They must not be aware of how much money it can save you if your HVAC is running at peak performance.  Maybe they don’t realize how dirty an air filter can become if it isn’t changed every several weeks.  They have never considered the types of mold or bugs that can get into their air conditioning, and be distributed into the air their children and babies are breathing.  If everyone took the time to equate the air quality that is being created by their heating and air conditioning, because of lack of cleaning, they would be getting very sick.  These pathogens and germs are going directly into our bodies.  It is so simple to call the HVAC company and schedule a maintenance on your system.  Once in the spring and once in the fall is enough to make your HVAC run, not just cleaner, but more efficiently.  You could cut back on your energy bills, and possibly save what you are putting out for the cost of the maintenance.  Most HVAC companies will ever send a reminder to you when it is time for your HVAC maintenance to be done.  Just like the doctor and the dentist, maintenance on your HVAC could prevent sickness and even lung ailments, before they happen.

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I just don’t get it.  How do people just go along and never do any maintenance on their heating and cooling systems.  They go to a doctor once a year for well-being physical.  They will be money to have their teeth cleaned.  Why won’t they pay money to have their HVAC systems cleaned and inspected.  I’m sure these same people clean gutters, and change windows if they are broke.  It’s all maintenance, whether on your body, or your home.  It  keeps everything working well, and at top performance levels.  If they only knew how dirty air filters and air vents get, they may change their minds about the maintenance checks.  I compare air filters to your lungs.  Air filters are meant to filter out all of the dirt and impurities so you are breathing in clean air.  Without the air filter, all of that dirt and muck is getting into your lungs.  There are all kinds of bugs and filth that can get into your air vents.  Whenever the heat or air conditioning turns on, if the air vents are cleaned regularly, you have carcasses of dead bugs, and the filth that has spilt in the air vents, going out into the air, and you are breathing in that stuff, and ingesting it.  How does that make you feel?  When I first heard that, I squirmed in my seat and my stomach became upset.  I ran to the phone as soon as I got home, and I scheduled a maintenance check with the local HVAC company.  I suggest that anyone who is reading this, does the same thing.

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I wonder how some people make it through life all by themselves.  I’ve heard so many people say that they only go to the doctor’s office when they are really sick.   There are those that only visit the dentist’s office when they have a really bad toothache.  Don’t people realize that wellness visits are just as important to the maintenance of their bodies, as they are for our homes, or our heating and air conditioning systems?  Cleaning gutters will prevent flooding, keeping your HVAC clean will prevents major malfunctions.  This is all the same thing, whether it is bodies, home, or HVAC systems.  We are trying to prevent something serious from happening by doing regular checkups.  It is all preventive maintenance.  If you never change the air filters in your home, there is nothing to catch the dirt in the air, and prevent it from entering your lungs.  Good air quality is important to good lung health.  Have you ever stopped to wonder about the dirt and vermin that may be able to get into your ductwork?  You are breathing that air back into your body.  You may see an increase in your energy bills, along with a decrease in your health.  It is of utmost importance to have your heating and air conditioning maintained professionally at a minimum of twice a year.  It is so easy to schedule your preventive maintenance, and I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t do it.  Take care of your HVAC and stop the energy loss before it starts.  You’ll be glad you did, and so will your lungs.

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What is so difficult about making appointments to take care of the necessities of life.  If you need a dentist for cleaning your teeth, or a doctor for a physical, we don’t just sit and do nothing; we make the call.  Those issues won’t take care of themselves.  When it comes to maintenance on your home, people tend to be just as lax about their yearly physical.  Taking care of your home is as important as taking care of your personal body.  You want your home to keep you warm, safe and dry.  If you don’t take care of the pipes, they rust and break.  So, why not take care of the pipes that give you heating and cooling, before they break.  It is so easy to set up a maintenance agreement with an HVAC company, where they will come in and do regular check-ups on your HVAC system, twice a year.  They clean the ductwork and the air vents.  They change the air filters, and they will even check the entire system to make sure that it is prepared to run smoothly and efficiently throughout the seasons to come.  A lot of times, your HVAC company will call or send reminders of when it is time to have your maintenance done.  Just like a doctor, they set up the appointment, and you only need to give them access to your HVAC system, to do the job.  It is a simple and painless chore that will keep your HVAC system running for many years, and it will also help to save money and the environment.

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I can never understand how people can go through life not taking care of themselves. How hard is it to get a physical once a year? Do you think your teeth will just take care of themselves? These same folks are no different when it comes to their home maintenance. A house is a huge entity. It stays standing because you take care of it on a regular basis. The pipes will eventually stop working, it you don’t get them cleaned out or if you don’t watch your gutters there will be inevitable flooding. So, imagine then, if you don’t service your heating and cooling system regularly through your local HVAC provider, you are going to cease having heat or air conditioning when you most need it. How do people not see that the HVAC system is constantly circulating air around your house through air vents that have air filters catching any muck in the air. If you don’t change those air filters, at the very least quarterly, the quality of air you are breathing is going to really take effect on your health. If you aren’t cleaning out your duct work, those germs and infestations are just sitting in your air. But, worse, without regular HVAC maintenance, you are easily seeing a price increase in your utility bill that doesn’t match the usage of heating and air conditioning being expended. You really need to think about this and take care of your home HVAC system for your health. When I explained this to my in-laws, recently, they were floored by the consequences of not doing regular HVAC maintenance checks. I helped them set up an entirely new schedule, so they never have to worry about it again!

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I have been the supervisor of a summer camp for quite a few years now.  I love kids of all ages, and it is so much more fun when they are the ones that return year after year, and they are there for a couple of weeks.  Granted, there are some kids that are much more difficult than others, but they are mostly the inner city kids, and they have some personal problems.  Unfortunately, when they don’t have all of the needs for their comfort, they tend to get quite testy.  This brings me to another thing that causes me a lot of upset and stress.  I need to make sure there is a budget in place and that I follow it closely so we are able to keep operating this camp.  Lately, our HVAC system hasn’t been working as well as it should, and I am finding that my budget for air conditioning is out of control.  I really need to find a way to have air conditioning, and yet be able to keep it under control, and still be efficient.  I talked to the local HVAC provider and told him of my dilemma.  I told him what I needed to do and he went over the HVAC system.  After a thorough inspection, he told me that he thought my best option was to install a smart app into the HVAC system.  The smart app would be able to let me monitor the air conditioning use in the entire camp, from my cell phone.  I would also be able to control where and how it was used, and even turn the air conditioning on or off.  He also said that it can make the running of the air conditioning more cost efficient.

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For several years now, I have been managing a summer camp for children.  I love being able to be with the kids.  We have one week and two week camps, and over the two weeks, you really get to know some of them, and it seems they return for several years in a row.  We also have a camping session for the inner city children.  These kids tend to be more rowdy and they get more aggressive than most.  We have found that we need to have more comfort for them, because excessive heat can really cause their moods to deteriorate.  These weeks can be really stressful, not just for the kids, but for the camp counsellors, and for me.  Then I have to add the budgeting into the picture, and it can be wild.  My biggest problem last year, was the soaring rates for heating and cooling.  I knew I had to do something, because our current air conditioning wasn’t sufficient to deal with the needs demanded by the changing climate.  I called in a HVAC supply company to give me some suggestions.  The recommended that I put in zone control.  Every cabin would have their own thermostat so they could be individually adjusted to the needs of the cabin.  The best part of zone control was that I could also have the smart app installed into the system, and I would be able to control and monitor the use of the HVAC, with my phone.  I could detect where there was a flagrant misuse of the air conditioning, and not just detect, but adjust the usage, from wherever I was, as long as I had my phone.

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Summer camps and the weather

Having worked for summer camps for many years, I have picked up a lot of the trials and tribulations that go along with the job.  The owner has more to deal with than just the personalities of the children who attend the camp, but they have to deal with the everyday,challenges that go with the budgeting, that would stretch my patience to a breaking point.  Last month, we had a particularly hot summer, and we had a lot of inner city children, that were fraught with anger issues.  The manager knew that something had to be done, to create a listen hostile, and more comfortable area for the kids.  We were already planning on installing a better air conditioning system, because of the climate changes, and this just made it a priority.  Along with the new air conditioning system, the HVAC contractor was talking about installing a smart app into the controller.  He said that zone control would be best, because each building would be individually controlled, and the smart app would give the manager the ability to see where the energy was being wasted.  He could then remotely control the thermostats and reset the temperature according to when and how the areas were being used.  He explained that it would have a higher cost efficiency value, and the efficiency of the cooling itself, would be much greater than any other system we could get.  The manager was thrilled that all he needed, was his phone, to be able to control the thermostats and the air conditioning usage, throughout the entire camping area.

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I operate a summer camp that hosts kids of all ages, and they stay for up two weeks at a time.  We have all different kinds of children who visit our camp, and most are really nice, even if they do tend to get a little rowdy at times.  Our most difficult group of children are the ones that come from the inner city, and it takes a lot to make them happy.  They know how to push the right buttons that can a normally even tempered person, and take them from zero to irate in 6.2 seconds.  It isn’t just the kids that can upset my cool, but the expenses that go with running a summer camp.  Our utility bills are skyrocketing and we need a new HVAC system to keep up with the demand of the changing environment.  We are always looking for ways to offset the heating and cooling bills of the camp, and the cooling is the absolute worse.  If there isn’t enough fans, or air conditioning, even the most docile of kids, can become nasty very quickly.  I made the decision to call the HVAC company and see what they could do to make our system run more efficiently.   It’s funny how she recommended I try using a smart app with smart thermostat.  She said I could monitor when the highest usage of air conditioning was and with the use of smart app in my phone, I could control the thermostat remotely, and I would be able to adjust the temperature accordingly.  There wouldn’t be a bunch of empty cabins or tents, that was being kept cool.


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I am the director of a sleep away summer camp. I have been running this camp for over ten years. I really love the children who come to stay with us for a week at a time. It’s a constant fluctuation of personalities and new experiences! Some groups are definitely harder than others. We will often sponsor inner city areas, which results in children who are a bit more rowdy and needy. There are weeks that prove to challenge my patience in every way. It takes a lot to run a camp of this size. The budget is a constant stressor I have to deal with and face daily. Lately, our utility bills seem to be skyrocketing with unusual new trends in the heat. We have to access our air conditioning way more than we ever have had to for any other season. The HVAC crew has come out to service and maintain all of the air vents and change out our air filters more than normal, bringing up our costs. The last time they were here, I decided to talk to the technician about possible money saving strategies. He asked what our main problems consisted of and I explained to him out it seems our air conditioning usage has gone up. Right away, without even pausing, he suggested installing the Smart App into our thermostat. It simultaneously downloads to any smart phone. This will allow for me to watch where and what time of day we are expending more usage on the air conditioning. But, even more amazing, I can adjust the thermostats all around the camp from my phone! I am really hoping this helps our budget.

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