Air quality when you smoke

I grew up in a household of smokers, you have to remember that back then no-one thought cigarettes were that bad for you, and hardly anyone knew the term “secondhand smoke.” I lived in a sizable cabin with my Grandparents, several aunts, six cousins, as well as three siblings. Aside from my siblings everyone smoked, and they smoked during meals, as well as while using the bathroom, so no matter where I went in the cabin it was always filled with the strong scene of tobacco smoke. Was it a surprise I grew up to have asthma as well as strong allergy symptoms? Now I have my own house, with the strongest air filtration Heating, Ventilation and A/C system I could afford. Of course I care about a/c, everyone does, however my goal was to have a system that provided me the highest possible indoor air conditions. My lungs were so beat up and damaged from my youth that just having an air filter was not enough! I need a graduated series of air filters that would strip all of the allergens as well as particulate from the air! Let me tell you the filtration in the indoor air conditions caused a major improvement in both my health as well as my life. With this Heating, Ventilation and A/C system running 24 hours a day, my place is a sanctuary against pollen as well as smoke. I can breathe well for the first time in years, and my lungs are getting strong enough that they can handle awful air quality for short periods of time. I care about my life.  I love my air filters.

Heater system was a lifesavor

My wife never thought having a hot tub in the backyard was a good idea. But to be fair, she still didn’t start a argument when I decided to buy it, she just went on record saying it was a waste of money and that I would grow tired of it quickly, however the threat of her “I told you so” hanging over me made me all the more intent on getting every bit of use I could out of that hot tub. Even after a few weeks I was still using it multiple times a week. The tub had a wicked powerful heating system in it, that would get the water very hot in record time. The heating element was very too strong, and I had to put a special thermostat on it to make sure it never got too hot for a human body, then last Winter we had a major concern at our house, and the gas furnace literally burst! My wife and I heard a smothered thump, and ran into the basement to find the gas furnace in pieces. Later we would find out what caused the heating explosion, but at the time we just knew it was below zero outside and we had no source of fighting it. But the heating system in the hot tub was still working as good as ever, so just before midnight in the dead of Winter wife and I got in the tub to keep warm. That heating system entirely saved our bacon that  night, and my wife finally admitted she was glad we had bought the hot tub.

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Writing with a/c

Our temperatures this Summer have been off the charts.  We jumped from Winter right into Summer heat and I am absolutely over it.  My family even had to go purchase portable Heating and Air Conditioning units which we have never needed in the past.  Our biggest issue was that all of us didn’t want to install the bulky window units and we wanted to be able to use portable 1s in several rooms. We decided to head right to the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier instead of going to 1 of the big hardware stores because all of us thought we would get better information from the employees there. This was absolutely 1 of the best decisions that we made because they pointed us in the direction of the freestanding Heating and Air Conditioning units that could be adjusted to fit weird windows by simply installing a bar across the bottom.We ended up purchasing 2 of these units and 1 is downstairs while the other is up in our bedroom! I sometimes use my bedroom as a home office and it’s fantastic to have the cooling effects of the portable A/C while I’m working. I actually think the best thing about these types of units, as opposed to the 1s you would stall in the window, is the fact that on evenings or nights when you don’t actually need a/c you can absolutely leave your windows open, but whereas proper window units, once they are installed, completely block the window and you must leave them in place for the remainder of Summer. I know that this purchase was something that will absolutely make hot temperatures much more bearable.

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Rip off on the HVAC repair

Remember the nights when you were fresh out of the university, had a minimum wage job, and drove a clunker of a car! Looking back, I consider those the great old days! That might sound funny to some but I have come to realize that the complications I had back then were minimal compared to those I face now that I am a high-level executive with lavish cars and a great big house.  Back then we had roommates to help pay the bills and if our car broke down I usually had a friend who was a mechanic to repair it… I didn’t have to worry about the many responsibilities I have now or if the lady I’m hiring to make the service is reputable. Take our latest experience with an Heating, Ventilation and A/C repairman for example, she us a great estimate and I expected quality work but I got the opposite on both.  With my hectic schedule I had to make sure that I had time for the appointment so when she showed up late I was a little irritated. The service took longer than I expected and when she handed me the invoice at the end it was almost double of what she had quoted. I inquired as to why there was such a significant increase if she says that she needed to upgrade parts that she had not expected. I wasn’t glad with that but I paid the bill and left for work. Let me tell you, when I came home to a boiling home and realized that the HVAC plan still wasn’t working I was particularly upset. Occasionally I wish I could go back to the great old days where I didn’t have to worry about such things, but for now I just have to find another company.

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A cheaper gas furnace

My father was laughing at me when I told him what happened in my apartment last week.  I had to call the landlord and have him call in the HVAC company. My roommate wasn’t getting heat in her room.  Going to college, we don’t have a lot of money, so I had to have a roommate. The only thing we know about fixing things is that you don’t do what you can call a professional to fix.  One of those things is electricity and the other is HVAC. When the radiator in her wouldn’t put out any heat, we called the landlord and he called the HVAC company. It took them nearly a week to get to our home because we weren’t a high priority.  We had heat, just not in every room. When the HVAC technician finally showed up, we both felt like real fools and we wanted to crawl in a hole until he left and then going running home to our parents. After checking the furnace and finding nothing wrong, the technician looked at all of the water pipes.  There was hot water leading into the radiator. He twisted a small valve on the side of radiator and some water came out. It didn’t take long until the radiator was heated up and putting out heat. Apparently the radiator had been turned off we just needed to open it back up. I think the landlord should have come over and looked at the radiator and it would have saved the HVAC tech a trip, but he said that was what he got paid for.

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Gas heating is a safety hazard

When I got out of college, I wanted to be totally on my own.  I found a good job right away, and I was looking for an apartment.  My girlfriend and I found this great little apartment that had skylights and a cathedral ceiling.  She absolutely love the small chimnea type fireplace that was in the living area. It was a top floor, single room apartment, and we wanted it.  My girlfriend went to the apartment while I was working and the owner of the building was there. When she said she was the one who rented the apartment, he become a bit hesitant about taking our deposit.  He wanted to make sure she knew how to take care of a fireplace. I know her and she became indignant and told him she wasn’t some empty headed blond girl and she knew exactly what to do with a fireplace. Then she asked him if the chimney had been cleaned lately.  She wanted to know when the hearth had last been swept, and what kind of wood they had last burned. We planned on burning only the fire logs that are made for indoor use. They don’t create a lot of smoke. We also planned on using the additive that helps to prevent the creosote from forming in the chimney.  By the time she was done, he took the money and smiled. He told her he was a fire fighter and he was just curious about if we had ever had a fireplace. She told him that her parents owned a cabin in the mountains and that was their only source of heat.

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Cover your HVAC when you remodel

Remodelling can be a rough break when it comes to your heating and air conditioning system.  I was bad when I had my house remodelled. I spent almost all of my free time in my house, just watching over the contractor and his workers to make sure they did things right.  I was actually told to get out of my own house until the work was done, but I refused. I had a new HVAC system installed prior to the remodelling and I didn’t want them to ruin it, because they were too lazy to take the proper care that was needed.  I walked in one day and they were doing a lot of plaster work. They had the air conditioning on and I walked up and turned the AC off. I told them they had to put some kind of protection down to keep the dirt from getting into the air vents. Another time, when I went in there, they not only hadn’t put a tarp down, but the air vents were covered with broken plaster and plastic.  The air couldn’t get out, and the air conditioning was on high. I told the construction manager that if he didn’t do something, I was going to charge him for the servicing I was sure my HVAC system was going to need. I knew how the dust was going to end up getting into my air conditioning and ruining it. It is what had happened to my sister’s house. They ended up buying a new AC system, there was so much damage done from all of the dust and dirt that had infiltrated her AC unit.

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When you can’t afford the HVAC repair

When I got my job with the non-profit organization, I felt like I had the best job there was.  I was working in an office that was located in this huge building and the building was owned by a non-profit organization to help aid the other non-profits that held their offices inside.  That is quite a tongue twister, but it is true. My first six months there were kind of frantic, and the heating didn’t help. Because of the age of the heating system, it really didn’t keep any of the offices warm.  It was an old boiler, and I think the pipes that led to the baseboard registers, must have been getting rusty, because you could always smell the hot water, even if you didn’t feel it. The landlord was good enough to call the HVAC company, but unless the owner was willing to put in a new HVAC system, there really wasn’t very much that could be done.  When summer came, what I thought was bad, soon turned to worse. The air conditioning was sorely lacking the ability to keep the building cool. One morning it began to make some odd noises, which was soon followed by silence. We called the owner and he promised to get the HVAC company back out there. The tech told the owner that the AC system needed some work.  The owner weighed his options and told us that if we wanted to split the cost of the AC with him, he would install a new AC unit. Needless to say, we went without air conditioning all summer long, and we all had our own fans.

heating and air conditioning

Getting the heater and a/c sealed up tight

Now that my mom & dad have begun to actually settle into their beach house in the south, they’ve actually started to dig into all the updates.  She’s constantly had ideas for what she needed for this space. Although she didn’t quite think how to resolve the problems. The first one mom tackled on her own was the storage problem.  Her little home doesn’t have a lot of closets, and it doesn’t even have a garage. She needed to figure how to store all the things she would normally put in her garage, such as yard work units & tools to repair the car. She settled on a quite nice little shed with skylight, so it doesn’t need electricity running out to it to find what you need. The next was shade.  She wanted anywhere to rest outside where the oldest of her pets wouldn’t overheat. After doing some research, she settled on an awning which goes over the back patio. The awning not only delivers a cooler lounging & dining area outside, but it helps the inside too. Awnings help to supply more shade for the beach house as well, this helps the Heating & A/C system to work less hard. The less your air conditioner has to do, the more currency you save on that utility bill. Dad wasn’t ecstatic about the price of this awning–Mom picked a really pretty one which made it mjuch more costly than a basic style. However, he stopped complaining after they got their first utility bill since the replacement. He’s ecstatic with any addition that can help to save them currency!

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AC is my savior in traffic

Some areas of the world are known for having terrific traffic. If there’s a larger metropolitan section closeby, then rest assured traffic will be a difficult thing for your commute. It seems the roads in the city where I live in are constantly being fixed, which only adds to the problem. On a enjoyable morning, the transit to work is about 45 min. On a larger day it is well over an hour or two. The roads are always having to get service due to the sun in addition to hot air quality. Our summers here are long in addition to way too warm, lasting into the autumn seasons sometimes. In the Summer it is strenuous to cool down hanging around in the heat in addition to day traffic. The a/c in our truck is great, but some mornings the climate is almost a hundred degrees in addition to it struggles to keep up. Its mornings like that where I just can’t wait to get apartment in addition to cool off in the air cooling. Our house has a modern Heating in addition to A/C unit that is seriously effective. I have our thermostat set to decrease the temperature automatically thirty minutes before I get back to the house. The cooling unit has our apartment nice in addition to comfy when I walk in the door. In the Wintertime time it’s the reverse of it. My heating device make certain that I stay comfy in addition to toasty. The total Heating in addition to A/C unit is a few years old, however I still have the nearby heat in addition to a/c serviceman service it every other year.

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