An HVAC goof up

I had recently graduated from a class that taught people how to become certified as computer networkers. I learned all the basics of network installation, fiber optics, and how to troubleshoot systems. I was so excited to begin this journey with my first job! I loved computers, and I love to do work with my hands. This was perfect for me! I was definitely not ready for my first workplace disaster, however. I accidentally messed up some of the ductwork for the building’s HVAC system during the course of my first assignment as a network installer’s assistant. I was connecting some wires up in the attic when my arm slipped and knocked loose a section of the ductwork. I didn’t really think much of it, until I felt air coming out of the crack I had made. I immediately reported it to my boss, who informed the building manager of the breach in the HVAC system. I was so embarrassed. They were required to call an HVAC technician out to inspect, and fix, the damage I had done. I hoped it didn’t cost a lot of money, because I planned on paying for it even if I didn’t have to. It was my fault that the HVAC technician had to come out, and it was my fault the ductwork had split open. I apologized to the building manager and my boss for my HVAC system related mishap. They were both very nice and told me not to worry about it. I was so relieved. I did not want to get fired over some ductwork!

air ducts 

I’m going to check my house

I had cold feet, literally. Every time I got out of bed it was like stepping onto an ice patch. I don’t know if it was just simply the fact that my feet were too sensitive, or if my floors were actually super cold. Either way, I needed to find a solution. I had an amazing HVAC system, along with a state of the art furnace, but nothing seemed to help my feet. I tried to wear socks to bed in order to take care of the problem, but I couldn’t sleep with my feet restricted like that. I had lost all hope! Then, a close friend of mine suggested I look into radiant floor heating. This was a type of heating system that was installed under the existing floorboards of certain rooms in your home. I decided to look more into it. After all, if radiant floor heating was the only solution, I had to at least give it a chance. So, I called my local HVAC business and asked for a professional to come out to my home to give me an estimate. The HVAC technician that arrived at my door was  very professional young man, and really knew what he was talking about. He walked me through the entire process of installing the radiant floor heating, and how much it would cost. When he described how much radiant floor heating was helpful for people with sensitive feet like mine, I was completely sold! I set up an installation with the young man, and I will never regret that decision. Radiant floor heating is amazing!

radiant heating 

Cleaning my HVAC unit

I have tried to learn things on my own recently to save money and expand my knowledge. I enjoy doing this as long as I have enough time put aside to truly spend working on something. My most recent project was not as successful as I had hoped. I wanted to learn how to clean my own HVAC system to save on costs as well as be able to fix issues that may pop up throughout the year. So, I looked up online how to change the air filters in the heating and cooling system. I read a few articles on how to clean the furnace and took a few tools down to the basement to get to work on my heating system. When I got down underneath the furnace, I instantly panicked. I forgot all of the heating parts I had just looked up and read about online! So, I took a deep breath and tried to remember everything I could from the diagrams of the various furnace units. I started opening areas that looked like where the air filter would be located but ended up just dumping black soot all over my face. Finally, I gave up and decided to call an HVAC provider to come to the house and do the work professionally. I was not about to start ripping apart my own furnace and causing more damage than good.  Sometimes, it is best to leave the complicated work to the professionals. In this case, I will not continue to try and teach myself how to service my heating unit on my own.

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We’re going to a ski resort

I love the wintertime. It is my favorite time of the year for many reasons. For starters, I love snow and cold weather because I don’t have to worry about sweating through my clothing throughout the day. I also love to go skiing in the winter. We live in an area that is surrounded by ski resorts, so it is very easy to get day passes for the slopes. I have spent my whole life skiing and spending days on end at the ski resorts is like a second home to me. When you walk into the ski resort after a cold day on the slopes, you are immediately greeted by a blast of heated air. They have state of the art heating systems that can withstand the cold weather we typically get in the winter months. I spend a lot of time sitting in the heated patio area enjoying drinks with friends while overlooking the slopes. There are several small firepits and heaters outdoors so we can enjoy a drink without having to strip down out of our snow gear. The owners are constantly asking patrons if the resort is heated enough and if there is anything they can do to make the resort more comfortable. Inside, they offer a huge lounge area that features an enormous fireplace in the center. There is seating all around the fireplace for skiers to enjoy and warm up after a cold day on the slopes. The feeling of the heat coming from the fireplace made me never want to go home. The feeling of the heat and the views of the slopes are my favorite parts of my winter.

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We need a newer thermostat

I love nothing more than sleep. I think this I’d because I live a very busy life. I have just taken up doing a lot of things in my life. This also means that I need good sleep to be able to function properly all throughout the day. However this does not happen when my HVAC system breaks down on me. Right in the middle of the night I woke up in sweats. I kicked the covers off and was still so hot. I felt as if I was tossing and turning all night. I had to get up to check the thermostat and there was nothing on it. I couldn’t even get it to turn on. I guess that was what my problem was right there. I did not want to be up all night waiting for emergency repair but also did not want to be up all night trying to sleep in the heat. I decided to call the emergency repair at the local HVAC business down the street. I figured I would rather stay up and get a couple of good hours of sleep later. He actually had to replace the thermostat on the wall because it had seemed like it just completely malfunctioned and turned off. He couldn’t even get it to work anymore. Luckily he finished replacing the thermostat just in time. I was going to be able to get another couple hours of sleep before I needed to get up. I am sure I won’t be fully rested but very happy I will get some good rest in the air conditioning.

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Loving the soccer season

The soccer season has begun and we have already been having practiced outside. In fact we practice twice per day. As you can imagine that is a lot to practice in the hot sun. We usually do it in the morning and at night when it I’d s little cooler but the sun is still up. Always after practice in the morning I wasn’t to go home and immediately jump.into my pool. My body feels so overheated. Luckily I get to go home and stay in the air conditioning all day long. That is what I love the most. I love just being we to stay in the air conditioning to reenergize for the practice later in the day. My mom always makes sure to take care of it. She knows how much I rely on it once the season starts. It really is kind of crazy how overheated the human body can become. It is a great thing to have this air conditioning. It is a savior because I could probably die from heat stroke. When they invented air conditioning they really did it right. My mom also gets those then up to ensure the air conditioning keeps working. The soccer season goes well into October when it starts to get cooler outside as well. Then I rely on the heating to keep me feel comfortable. When you are in a sport yourself you realize how much more we love the HVAC systems in our homes. We really rely on them. Without the HVAC systems I am sure that we would be lost.

HVAC maintenance 

I’m happy about my peace and quiet

This is such a familiar time of the year for me. It is the time of the year when the weather becomes cooler and the kids go back to school. Honestly it is one of my favorite times. I love my kids and the hot summer sun, but I am surely ready for a nice break. I work from home so I am ready to have my peace and quiet back in the home again. When the kids returned to school I had started working once again only to notice that it seemed like the HVAC system was acting up. We still keep the air on a bit during the day. The sun does warm up our house. We try to even that out with the air conditioning. For the most part it actually works well. It seems like I felt the hot air coming out of the vents. I did not mind that either but that was not what was supposed to be happening. I called the HVAC company right away to come and look at my system. They came right over and changed the air filter in the system. That was really all it needed. Sometimes when these HVAC systems act up it is usually because the air filter needs a good change. So then I could go back to working in the peace and quiet I have been longing for all summer. Contact your local HVAC professional today if your system starts to act up. It could just need a simple air filter change. Check your air filters once in awhile. You never know what it could be.

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Opening up my windows

When going on vacation driving can be both a blessing and a burden. It is nicer to drive because you get the scenery and get to see cool things. It is also cheaper usually to drive places than to take an airplane. Recently, we went on vacation and had come right back. We spent hours in the car and we were all very exhausted. I think it was fourteen hours in the car. When we had gotten back we walked right into the house and headed straight to bed. We all could just not wait to sleep. Well, when we had walked in we felt a whole bunch of hot air. It was like opening your car door after the car has been sitting in the sun all day. There was no way that was right. I had turned the air conditioning down when we left but I certainly did not turn it off. When I looked at the thermostat it said the air conditioning was on. However, when I felt the vent, I felt all of the warm air. It was as if our house was being heated during the wintertime. I could not have that. I turned the air off completely. I did not even feel like dealing with it that night. I brought out all the fans I could find and opened the windows. I will tell you that is the last thing I would have wanted to deal with after spending all of that time in a car. The next morning I was sure to call the HVAC company near to me.

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My car has a great air conditioner

Recently, I have just attended a wedding. I had to drive quite a while away. The drive was not the most fun drives that I have had. Before I left I had to call my HVAC technician to come to my house to fix my HVAC system. Then as I was driving to the wedding I noticed that my air conditioning was not working. The air conditioning is what I like to use in my car. It is the summer months and I like to make sure that I feel nice and cool. However, when the air conditioning stops working, then I start to freak out a little. I hate when the air doesn’t work because then I have to open the windows. The open window blows so much air all around the car and it messes up my air a lot. Not to mention, opening a window does nothing but move all of the warm air around. In no way do I actually feel cooler when I open the windows. I count on my air conditioning for a reason. If I felt like opening the windows to keep me cool I would be fine with it. I cannot just call an HVAC technician to come and fix my car either. I actually have to make an appointment to go get my car fixed. This is not ideal because then I am without a car for however long. I just wish the air conditioning could never break down. I love my HVAC technician for a reason. They can always make it to my home quicker than I could take my car in.

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The air conditioner keeps dripping on me

I love hanging out with my friends. I feel like I never get to see them enough. When we do hang out we have such a good time. Recently we got together and went to this cool restaurant we all like a lot. I usually like to pick my seat first because I am picky about where I sit. Then, we were all sitting down and I noticed a drop of cool water on my shoulder. I didn’t think anything of it. I just went on with my time eating. Soon after another cold drip of water fell onto me. I looked up and there was the air conditioning unit. Dripping so conveniently right onto me. I was not going to have that sitting in that seat. Why would they place a table or even just the seat there if the air conditioning unit is dripping. They should at least forewarn us about something like that. Running a restaurant is a tough business but the waitresses must be aware of things like that so the customers don’t become unhappy. I made sure to tell the waitress about the air conditioning. I get that the air conditioning gets cold and the condensation builds up and it just drips. A warning about it to me would have been nice. At least it wasn’t just a bunch of cold air blowing right onto me. I could easily just move my chair over a little so I wasn’t being dripped on. After that little incident we enjoyed our meal and all was good again.