HVAC in our bar

If there is one thing I love, it’s jazz music. There is a jazz club down the street from me that I visit almost daily. Not only are the musicians and singers always wonderful, but the sound system compliments them all in the best ways. You automatically feel a bit classier just by walking through the door. The guitars and brass instruments blend together with their sound dancing off the walls. Beautiful singers serenade with their perfect notes floating over the crowd. There’s no other music like it. I just wish it was a non-smoking venue. The smoke from other people really messes up the air quality, and there are no windows to be opened to let the smoke out. This also causes a lot of heat buildup thanks to the warmth that emanates from the electrical equipment and lighting. I think they need a full HVAC replacement, but their AC in particular needs to be completely updated. Even when it’s freezing outside, it’s uncomfortably warm in there. I know for a fact that any standard form of HVAC equipment that one would install in their own home would work just fine in that club. It would also be nice if they could get some sort of air purifier to help with the smoke. Either way, I refuse to stop going to this club. If I don’t have jazz in my life, I’m not living. That’s my take on it, even if the air is too stuffy.

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post office HVAC rocks

Right now I am holding down a job at my local post office. Well, it’s actually called the postal company. I’m thinking it’s because of how small my hometown is compared to other spots in the United States. In spite of strange name changes, this postal service company (as they call it) is honestly a respectable building that can hold a candle to a decent office. The flooring isn’t the expected tile, but luxurious carpeting. The winters here are freezing, so luckily our heating system is one of the best I’ve ever experienced. They also have a break room where our team can have supper as we enjoy a pretty amazing form of heating. The floors themselves are heated! This is something I have never had the pleasure of knowing about, but it is one of the best things ever. Now you’d think, heated flooring could lead to problems with overheating, but that is just not true at all. It’s pretty much the same as having a standard heater, but it’s underneath the floor. There are different forms of heating and cooling in each part of the building, which actually saves the company a lot of money when it comes to the electric bill. The break room is sort of off on it’s own and even has a separate thermostat from the rest of the structure. That among other things keep it feeling pretty private. I think it might be quite similar to space traveling conditions. Everyone’s favorite place is the break room. Especially since the HVAC equipment works just as well to cool in the summer as it does to warm in the winter.

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Where to turn on the a/c

It’s been unseasonably warm the past few weeks, and we have been spending most of the days inside, enjoying our air conditioner. I like to set the thermostat at about seventy degrees, although my teenagers would like it cooler. One night just last week I was sound asleep when I started dreaming that I was sweating. I woke up to realize that I actually was sweating! I got up to look at the thermostat and realized that the air conditioner must have quit. The temperature in our house had risen six degrees since we had gone to bed! I certainly couldn’t call the HVAC technician in the middle of the night, and probably not for another five hours or so. So the best thing that I could come up with was to turn all of the ceiling fans on high, which I did, and no one even woke up. I was most concerned about my husband, though. He has difficulty breathing when the air gets too hot and humid. We purchased a portable air conditioner a few years ago in case something like this ever happened. I moved it into our bedroom and turned it on a very cool setting. In no time, our room temperature began to drop and I was able to fall asleep again. I woke up before the others, anxiously watching the clock so that I could call our HVAC technician. Finally I was able to call the heating and cooling specialist. Once he arrived, he quickly assessed the part of the air conditioner that needed repair, fixed it, and we were back in business! Thank goodness, we are supposed to have more hot weather for the next week!     

AC on for the shopping trip

If you were to ask me where I like to shop, I would tell you that I prefer consignment shops, thrift shops, and sales of any kind – as long as the prices have been drastically reduced. One of my very favorite stores is our local consignment shop, and I can spend hours just walking through the aisles looking at a huge variety of items. Sometimes this store has an end-of-the-season sale with half-off prices. For sure, this sale is marked on my calendar as soon as it is announced. The main item that I was hoping to find there was a window air conditioner for my office. Unfortunately, it appeared that the air conditioner for the store wasn’t operating properly because it was as hot as an oven inside. Most of the shoppers looked pretty warm, and I started my shopping with even more determination to find what I was looking for and then get out of there! Even though I was getting hotter by the minute, I was not going to give up on my quest. Thankfully, I found a section of the store where there were two window air conditioners. One of them was just what I was looking for. I went looking for a sales clerk to move the unit to the front of the store so that I could pay for it, as well as to move it to my car. The line at the front of the store wasn’t very long, and I was relieved to get outside where the air was nice and cool. I was really happy at finding such a great deal, and looked forward to having a nice cool office.

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Can’t decide what to do about indoor air conditions

I have to admit, I am absolutely specific about air quality. I blame it on the fact that I have super sensitive skin. My skin will easily rash, bump or flake away with really little motivation. I need the air quality products for my health. Over the Winter, I always use a humidifier with my furnace. The reason is that the furnace’s air is so very dry, it always irritates my skin. My hands will crack, my nose will bleed plus my lips get so chapped. The humidifier will add moisture to the air quality plus allows my skin to be alright. I also had to invest in a new air cleaner to use with the heater. The air cleaner is the a single that takes care of the dander and dust in the indoor air conditions. If the air quality is dusty, I get absolutely ill in the Winter. Both of these products are entirely absolutely good for my furnace performance too. There is less dust around to go into the furnace plus allow it to overheat. Also, running the humidifier with the gas furnace makes the home feel warmer. So I don’t have to run the furnace nearly as much, as often or to as high of a temperature. In the Summer, I have an a/c with UV lights inside of it. The UV lights clean the air before it leaves the A/C system. This ensures that no bacteria, mold spores, or dirt is being breathed in by me. The UV lights stop bacteria plus dander from getting into the air conditioner unit, making it more efficient. So yep, I am a little weird. But what I do is very good for my Heating plus A/C technology.

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Road crew and no a/c

The worst task I ever had to do was working on a road work crew. I don’t recognize how people don’t understand how sizzling black top can get in the Summer! Since it can be dangerous too, the road crew workers are required to wear heavy long pants plus long sleeves, then black top has to be poured in hot, dry work conditions. So with that too, the task was a sizzling a single. I hated working on the road work crew just because of how sizzling hot I was. At the end of the afternoon I would be soaked through with sweat. My underwear, pits plus back would be literally just prefer a musky and odory swamp. If all the workers were in the same boat, it would not have been so terrible. What absolutely stunk the most is that there was always a single guy that run the truck with all the materials in it. This was usually the oldest guy, or the head honcho on the crew. That guy was always around 275 pounds of fat plus he got a/c. The truck, of course, had A/C in it plus the guy would crank it up for the whole task. He got to rest in the quality cooling while the rest of us literally shoveled hot lava. Nothing makes you hotter than knowing a/c is within reach. Taking turns resting in the air conditioner would have been fair. Instead the lazy fat guy on the crew got to delight in the AC, a cold drink, music plus privacy all on his own. I tested the crew for 3 years plus never got asked to do that task. I feel I did not meet the weight requirement to get air conditioner in a comfy truck the whole afternoon long.

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All those layers with no a/c

The other day my new husband as well as I went on a little road trip together as well as in order to pass the time the two of us decided to play a game of 20 questions. Well a single one of the questions I asked him was “if you could live back in any era, what era would you chose as well as why”. I was very surprised by his answer, as he said he would love to live in the 1740s!!! His reasoning was as simple as the colonial time period. Okay, he has myself and others there I do find the colonial time period to be so interesting to read about or watch motion pictures about, but definitely not to live in!! First off lets begin with the heavy clothing, yes it looks fantastic on tv but have you ever given any thought about what it would be love to wear all of that on a bi-weekly basis? The boys clothing alone would just be too much they had on the layers under their dresses, the corsets, the stockings, as well as goofy pantaloons. Can you even imagine wearing all of that in the dead of the warmest season? Since the colonies are all on the east coast you suppose that the warmer seasons weren’t just hot, they were humid too. I suppose I for a single would not be able to deal with all of that heavy clothing in the dead of warm season, especially when you had to cook with a wood burning furnace or stove back then too, so you had a fire going in the kitchen which would add an extra thousand degrees on top of the already tepid as well as sticky air on top of the layers of clothing all of the boys would have to wear. It all just sounds so angry to me. After knowing the newfangled comforts of central air conditioning there is no way that I would ever want to go as well as live in the colonial time periods… Luckily for us time travel is not possible!

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Clean indoor air conditions

My hubby as well as I are in the middle of the process of building our own house, then every one of us have spent the last year and a half trying to develop the ideal floor plan, as well as recognizing for myself and others that was no self-explanatory type of work! Every one of us had just finalized our perfect floor plan when my father unexpectedly passed away leaving my mother a widow. She is not in the best state of health as well as he easily has no method how to take care of herself, if we are financially speaking. My hubby as well as I were aware it would only be a matter of months before my mother would be asking to live with us. Every one of us knew that in order for us to survive this unholy cohabitation the two of us needed to come up with a new floor plan. So the two of us decided to add not just 1 but 2 different in-law suites in our house a single for each set of in-laws just so the two of us could avoid any conflict in the future. When it came time to openly discuss heating as well as cooling systems things got a little complicated. My hubby as well as I both deeply care about central a/c, my mother but hates a/c of any form. She said the cooled air is not disinfected as well as its all recycled air, he prefers the fresh air that is brought on by having open windows! On the flips side of this my hubby as well as I care about our house to be around seventy four degrees while in the colder weeks, while my mom typically has his house set to sixty five. These differences can make for a certainly messy cohabitation. Every one of us decided that our main house would have a conventional central Heating as well as Air Conditioning system. While the 2 in-law apartments would employ a ductless mini cut heating as well as cooling systems. Each house will have their own Heating as well as Air Conditioning plans as well as control devices as well as our main Heating as well as Air Conditioning plan will not be greatly overworked by my mothers need to have the heat typically going.

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Had to upgrade the chains HVAC device

When I first moved here with my family I found it rather difficult to find a job that I would enjoy doing while still being able to take care of my family. When I lived in the northeast I ran my own business and it was very profitable. I owned my own bike shop where I sold and rented out bikes to tourists who wanted to go biking on the trails. Now that we are living in the southwest there are hardly any hills, it’s actually mostly flat. The town I live in now kind of sprawls all over and it would take forever to get anywhere on a bike. I knew I had to change my approach to business, but I just wasn’t sure what type of business would be most profitable. That’s when I decided to open a mini mart on my side of town, and it was so successful that I decided to opened a second store across town. My new businesses have been really good to my family and I, but the upkeep for the buildings I’ve rented is getting out of control. My landlord refuses to replace the HVAC systems installed in both buildings, and they also refuse to allow me to do it myself at my own expense. Eventually, fed up with fighting with my landlords that I called up a neighbor to quietly check out the cooling systems in both stores. He showed up one afternoon in his car and a variety of diagnostic tools.   He also made sure to dress in street clothes instead of his work uniform. He spent about thirty minutes opening up the air handlers and compressor units on the roof of my stores. When he finally came down to give me the news. It turns out, the compressors are getting way too overheated on the roof, and they would either need some kind of shading or they need to be moved by a professional to the ground floor which would be more preferable. Great, now I just need to accomplish in secret so that my landlords never find out.

Look at your indoor air conditions

One of the best ways to make someone realize how efficient and effective their home appliances are is by asking them to describe it in four words or less.   When you get down to it, you can quickly summarize how you feel about anything using 3 words or less. For example, our dishwasher can be best described as noisy, dirty and costly! This is why I’m on the hunt for a new dishwasher now that I’ve come to terms with how poorly it functions, but on the flip side, I can describe our home’s Heating and A/C system as smart, potent and quiet! This is because of some recent renovations I’ve made to the heating and cooling system in the house.  I began the renovation process by looking at the biggest issue, which was potency. With poorly functioning systems, more power is used and even though it was using a lot of power it just could not keep the home cool and comfortable. Older systems that haven’t been tuned up tend to get louder over time, because the machinery hasn’t been lubricated or cleaned in awhile. With that realization, I knew I needed to have a check-up on the program just to see where it stood, then after calling a heating and cooling technician out for a visit, the technician arrived and ran his diagnostics on our Heating and A/C system. Fortunately for me, the system hadn’t become so derelict that it needed major work.   The HVAC technician recommended I look into implementing a few zone-control control units around the house. When he explained how they worked, I could understand why he would suggest this to me. Each control device would affect the temperature of the room where it was contained. For that reason, I could cool just the room I was using, while the rest of the home wasn’t being cooled. Since the program wasn’t trying to treat the air quality of the entire house, it was much more effective at cooling the room I was using, and as an added bonus it didn’t seem to be loud or grinding as it ran anymore. That just goes to show you that sometimes, you just need to evaluate your appliances before you replace them entirely!

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