Really want HVAC that has no ducts

Rainy days are definitely my favorite because they provide me with a wonderful excuse to stay inside as well as sew to my heart’s desire. I certainly enjoy sewing; it is a nice stress relief for me. I used to be a seamstress full time, but after having 2 children, I decided to be a stay at home mom full time. Even though it’s not full time work any more, I still really enjoy sewing any choice that I get. I make our adolescents new clothes every time they need them. My older child enjoys helping me choose the fabric as well as patterns for her new dresses… She seems to always prefer the hardest patterns as well as the most strenuous fabrics to work with. I honestly see it as a challenge, as well as I totally love a challenge at times. My husband as well as I recently purchased a new residence, as well as it has made it much more difficult for me to sew. You see, our new residence has central A/C, as well as it’s normally set to an ice-cold temperature because that’s how my hubby prefers it. However, the HVAC vents in our sewing room seem to blow so much harder than in any other room in the residence. I get so gelid while sewing that I shake, as well as it makes sewing a straight line quite a challenge. I would love to get a zone controlled Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C machine. I want to be able to set the thermostat higher in the sewing room without affecting the rest of the residence. I don’t mind having a cool residence when I’m cooking or playing with the adolescents because I’m moving around quite a bit, but it does matter when it comes to my sewing. I guess we will see what the future holds, but I’ll just have to work with what we have for now.

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Need the heater to work better

I live in a pretty small city, plus residing in a small city comes with its advantages plus disadvantages… I absolutely love the down to earth people that I am surrounded by; it easily feels like we are a massive family. Everyone knows all the people, plus if someone gets injured, or in some kind of trouble with the law, the entire city knows about it pretty much right away. There seriously are no secrets when you live in a city as tiny as the one that I live in. Thankfully, the city is easily full of loving, God-fearing people, plus all the people seem to get along really well. We are always there for each other whenever needed. The greatest disadvantage is the lack of good venues to shop at. We pretty much only have one small, locally owned grocery store, plus it is always crowded full of people. This past Winter, the grocery store went through some troubles. For over a week, in the middle of December, the grocery store’s heating machine was malfunctioning. The owners of the store basically tried everything they could to get the heating machine fixed, however no one could manage to figure out what was going on with it. It was so ice-cold in the store that they were able to turn off the refrigerators plus freezers. I bought a loaf of bread that was just about frozen, plus it was resting on an open shelf in the middle of the store. They were able to finally get the heating machine taken care of, however they took some hefty losses. Living in a small city is marvelous, however if I could add anything, it would be a larger variety of stores.

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Doomsday ductless heating and air

My neighbor John is a total weirdo, he is one of those doomsday prepper guys. He says we all need bunkers under our houses full of stuff. Curtis has tons of food preserved and stocked in his bunker. Basically his bunker is a sweeter version of his house. The newest install he is now working on is HVAC technology. Curtis wants to put in a geothermal heat pump in his bunker. The indoor unit could be in the bunker and the outdoor unit is under his ground. The heat pump gives off heating and cooling by moving heat energy. The heat energy is either pumped in or pulled out, depending on what type of thermostat you want. Curtis was way too proud of his heat pump idea. So I had to burst his bubble. The heat pump uses electrical power in order to operate the fan, compressor and pump system. If the end of the world happened, how is there power? Curtis’ heat pump would not work without any electric, but my neighbor is all amped up about this. He keeps trying to tell me weird ways he can save power. I love to bash his ideas and basically say he will never have power. Then he won’t have any HVAC technology in his little bunker. Is this cruel of me? Yep, it for sure is.

Air conditioning making our dog bark

My sibling and his pet Wonger just moved in with me! After my sibling got kicked out by his lady, he had nowhere to go. I sort of don’t blame her though. I also don’t blame his lady for not wanting the pet either, then wonger is super annoying as well as big. He is about the size of a horse as well as wanders all throughout my house. He also makes tons of noises! When he eats, walks or get petted, he is making bizarre sounds, however the worst is that wonger barks when my HVAC system turns on. My sibling assured me that the pet would get used to the HVAC clicking on and blowing. It has been weeks and the pet is still barking over it. The moment the air conditioning turns on, Wonger is in front of it yapping his head off. I’ve gotten where I dread the cooling system turning on. It is hot, as well as I want cooling. But, it is not worth it to have the pet constantly barking. He barks the whole time it works too. He never gets used to the blowing sound as well as the cold air! Only after the HVAC system turns off, does Wonger stop barking. I have contemplated just giving up my air conditioning. My sibling seems to assume his idiot pet will get used to it though. I definitely hope so. I truly don’t want to have my HVAC unit not running when Summer has just finally started. My house will get to be quite the hot box. The house needs air conditioning to be really comfortable.

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Air quality equipment because of beach air

Living right by the beach is both fantastic and horrible. Reason why the horrible is, that the ocean air is full of a bunch of salt and humidity. If I leave the windows open, the air gets into our home. Then I wake up in the morning, shut windows and then run the air conditioning system. The humidity and air conditioner causes water spots to form all over our house, then mold is growing literally in every corner of our home. Also the salty air quality is affecting my skin, hair and nasal passages. I like getting the fresh breeze though. What is the point of being by the beach, but not getting the air? I am thinking that what I need to do is update our heating and cooling equipment. To ensure no condensation forms, I need to get a humidifier. I can run the humidifier with the windows open. The air quality with the humidifier will remove the excessive moisture. Then in the morning, the air conditioning system will have drier air to work with. I also have been thinking about an air purification system for the whole home to clean out the salt in our indoor air quality levels. It can even remove that beachy aroma in our air quality too. It will be an upscale HVAC system add on, but necessary for our lifestyle that we all like to live around here!

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Want the right sized HVAC

Size, in many cases, really does matter. For instance, too small of an HVAC system is a really immense problem because it can’t ever achieve the temperature on your thermostat. The heating and cooling unit is not able to handle the size of the home. It just keeps running and running at full capacity to tries to achieve whole current home temperature setting. The HVAC unit eventually just burns itself out, then an immense HVAC repair service might be needed, but more than likely though, the HVAC system will completely total itself attempting climate control for a too large of home. A bigger HVAC unit is not any better though. If your HVAC system is too large for your home, then the opposite problem occurs. The HVAC unit is consistently turning completely off since it achieves the thermostat temperature too quick. Then the whole house cools or heats back up, then the HVAC unit turns back on. Constantly turning on and off is super bad for your system. Also, your energy bill will suffer. The HVAC system is way more efficient heating or cooling at a steady, even pace, and so when you get new HVAC equipment, make sure the HVAC contractor measures it. Check your current home size and make sure the heating and cooling unit works for it.

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A heater in my home

I would really love to have radiant flooring installed into my house.  In my opinion, radiant floors are the best in luxury. I currently heat my house with a forced air oil furnace and there’s no comparison. The oil furnace blows heated air into the room, which then rises straight up to the ceiling. It makes a whole bunch of noise, brings in contaminants, and is not energy efficient. I continually turn up the thermostat, and yet the house feels cold and the floors are icy cold. Despite paying enormous daily utility fees, I am forced to bundle up in blazers, heavy socks and slippers to keep warm. With a radiant flooring system, a network of pipes are concealed beneath the floor. The unit takes up really no living section & doesn’t detract from aesthetics. Hot water moves through these pipes spreading heat uniformly across the floor. There are no freezing spots, no drafts, and no unpleasant temperature fluctuations. The heating process is legitimately silent & completely clean. Plus, the hottest temperature in the room is closer to the floor, where it provides the most benefit.  As the heat gradually rises, it warms not only the air but all of the surfaces in the room. There are no freezing surfaces to steal body heat, which allows perfect comfort at much lower thermostat settings. A radiant flooring system achieves superior comfort for a lot less expense. This type of system also allows easy setup of zoned control. This means that each room or zone is controlled by an independent thermostat. I could keep the family room warmer than the entryway, and only heat the family room when I’m using it. I’d save even more money & customize comfort to my preference.

The aged heater and a/c unit

During the first few years, after I graduated from university, I was living on a very tight and minimal budget that made me have to get a crappy and cheap apartment. Sadly, the stove didn’t work, the kitchen faucet leaked constantly, and there was only enough warm water for a 7 minute shower.  The rugs were stained, only a few of the electrical outlets worked, & most of the windows were painted shut. The worst problem with the place was the outdated heating and cooling system. Since the utilities were not included in the rent, I needed to be genuinely energy conscientious. In the warm season, I didn’t even bother to run the air conditioning system. I tried it for 1 month and my electric bill skyrocketed. The air conditioner also dripped water, made a horrendous screeching sound, and smelled moldy. In the Wintertime, with outdoor uneven temperatures well below freezing, I had no option but to rely on the furnace. Despite keeping the thermostat set so low that I could see my breath, I paid enormous monthly gas bills. The furnace also filled the cabin with lots of dust and the smell of burnt hair. It aggravated me that I was bundling up in layers of jackets, shivering, and yet paying huge utility bills. The furnace was simply outdated and inefficient, not to mention all the windows leaked air. I’m sure there was genuinely little insulation in the walls. It was a relief when I could finally afford to move out of that seriously major crap hole!  

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I won a smart thermostat

During the spring, my wife and I pay to have our HVAC unit investigated and tuned-up. This cleaning service always helps the A/C unit work better in the summer months. While I was having the maintenance service performed, the technician had me fill out a contest entry form. Each customer had the chance to win a new smart thermostat. Every person who had service performed on their HVAC unit during the month of April, was entered into a contest. The winner of the contest was to receive a brand new smart thermostat for their home. The new smart thermostat even came with professional installation. I’ve never won anything in my wife, but I carefully filled out the form while he was working. A few weeks later, I had forgotten all about the HVAC service and contest. The phone rang, and it was the HVAC provider on the other end. The office associate told us that we had been the winner of the new smart thermostat for our house. They were calling to make an appointment to have the new thermostat installed. When I got off the phone, I called my wife at work to deliver the good news. She was excited about our new device, and started looking up the model number online. It had a lot of cool features, and could do more than just adjust the house temperature. Three days later, the HVAC provider came over to our house and installed the new smart thermostat. It’s going to take some time to learn all of the functions, but we are really excited.

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New job without heat

When my old factory job had to lay off a bunch of people, I was one of the first to go. I had only been with the company for a year, and a lot of other folks had seniority. I was on unemployment for about two months, before I found my current job. I make more money than I did with the other factory, but the conditions are less than satisfactory. My shift starts at eleven at night, and I work until eleven the next day. I work six days each week, which gives me a nice check with lots of overtime. While at work, I am responsible for filling grocery orders. Unfortunately, I am stuck filling the freezer and walk in cooler orders. All night long, I am forced to sit in the cold freezer without any heater. The temperature inside the freezer is 28 degrees. There is no heater in our warehouse. We have a small portable heater in the break room, but that doesn’t help much at all. Last night was one of the worst, because it was only 6 degrees outside. Inside the warehouse, I was shivering and shaking from the cold atmosphere. Many employees have talked about the cold indoor air quality, but none of us want to complain to the head bosses. With the last factory shutting down, most of us are just happy to finally have a job again. I’ll take the extra two dollars per hour, and deal with the cold conditions. I can always crank up the heater at home, so it’s warm and toasty after work is done.

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