Air ducts and a/c

It really seems like I am getting an extreme crash course in condo ownership. I moved into my new condo about three weeks ago, and I’m already having to learn new skills. When our HVAC system started giving me trouble, I’ll admit I was frustrated. I did not want to deal with these sorts of concerns right after moving into the condo, but I didn’t have any choice. I knew that something was wrong when I flipped on the air conditioning and super hot air started coming through the air vents. I made sure that the air filter had been changed recently and, after realizing that it had been, I didn’t quite know how to proceed. So, to my great despair, I ended up calling an HVAC contractor to come out and perform an inspection. The problem wasn’t taxing for him to solve; he told me that the coils in the HVAC device needed to be cleaned off and that this should be done on a fairly regular basis. That was just one of several things that I discovered. He also found that the ductworks needed to be cleaned; they had accumulated a lot of dust and dirt because they had not been cleaned in numerous years. Air ducts should be cleaned out about every other year to ensure the efficiency of your HVAC system. This was all new knowledge to me. When I was renting a small apartment, all I had to do was call the landlord when the air conditioner acted up. Now, however, everything rests squarely on my shoulders. While being a homeowner is rewarding, it does take a lot of curiosity and knowledge.

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Home HVAC device

When I eventually have enough funds in my savings account, I will purchase a new condo. I have been staying in a rental apartment for the past 4 years, but I am almost ready to make a down payment now. One thing that I definitely want my apartment to have is a radiant flooring system. I live in an area of the country where it often snows about 9 months out of the year. Thus, a great heating plan is a must-have for me. The way radiant flooring systems work is they send heat through the floorboards via a set of coils installed just beneath those boards. Honestly, they are effective because they can disperse heat evenly throughout the entire home. Actually, several of my friends have this type of furnace. They are always raving about them to me. They don’t take much time to get the apartment warm. In addition, they save my friends a little bit of money overall on their utility bill compared to using a standard HVAC unit. I suppose that it would cost a lot of money up front to have them installed. However, I firmly believe it will be worth it in the long run. I like to be smart about anything that will allow me to cut costs. When I am finally able to go talk to a realtor about finding the perfect house, I will insist that it has radiant floors! I don’t suppose this is a normal request, but I refuse to budge on it. I have been waiting such a long time to buy the best house for me that I want it to have the features I value.


Want to get the heating system in the floors

I’ve owned our lake house for over twenty years.  There was already a boiler installed in the basement when I bought the property originally.  At first, I wasn’t very sure if I would be gleeful with hydronic heating.  The boiler is quite a bit different than a forced air oil furnace.  Rather than using air to circulate heat throughout the residence, the boiler uses water.  There are quite a few advantages to hydronic heating that I have become aware of.  Water heats up much quicker than air and retains the heat longer, making it immensely energy efficient and very effective.  It doesn’t matter how low the outside temperature drops, the boiler can easily handle the demand.  There are none of the distracting sounds from HVAC ducts or vents, and there is no concern of airborne contaminants.  The boiler operates entirely silently, requires very little amounts of maintenance, and is appealingly clean.  Initially, the boiler was linked to radiators installed in each of the rooms.  Although it was helpful that the radiators could be regulated independently, they weren’t totally safe.  I worried about the children touching them and getting burned all of the time.  About 7 years ago, I spent a great deal of money ripping up the floors in the residence and having radiant heating installed.  There are now a series of pipes, linked to the boiler and hidden beneath the floors, that carry water and supply evenly distributed heat for the property.  Because the heat originates at floor level, and heat rises, the home feels way warmer and I have been able to lower the control unit setting by several degrees.  The savings in our utility bills has helped to reclaim the cost of the radiant system.  I most certainly appreciate that I can now walk barefoot in the residence in the Winter months.

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Health reasons for better heating

I am employed as a nurse at a small middle school.  The building itself is unbelievably old, plus because of the size of our community as well as the budget, very few upgrades have been accomplished.  Unfortunately, this has left us with an terribly old heating machine plus a health threat.  The old heating machine should have been replaced at least fifteen years back.  Because it continues to actually work, the school board refuses to consider having it replaced anytime soon.  I’ve tried to explain that a new, more energy efficient heating machine would actually save the taxpayers cash, however no one cares to listen.  The current heating machine is so unproductive that it can’t maintain even temperatures throughout the building.  The classrooms found in close proximity to the heating machine are always stuffy plus overheated.  Very often, the teachers will open their windows, allowing the heated air to escape from their classrooms.  The classrooms further away from the oil furnace are most often chilly, forcing the kids to remain bundled up in their coats during the school day.  My concern with the heating machine is that it pollutes indoor air conditions.  I often have to send kids back home from school with really bad headaches, sore throats plus bloody noses.  All of us have a much higher than normal absentee rate at our school, plus I blame the gas furnace.  Every time the oil furnace clicks on, it pumps very large quantities of dust, bacteria plus other contaminants into the breathing air.  Plus, it severely impacts humidity levels, leaving the air overly dry that causes the faculty plus students to be more susceptible to all sorts of respiratory illnesses.

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Furnace repair on exchanger

I recently was forced to upgrade my entire gas furnace.  Even though the heating component was only about six-years-old, it was unable to be mended.  When the gas furnace failed, I contacted a local Heating plus Air Conditioning contractor, assuming it would be a simple fix.  I was hoping to spend less than a hundred dollars.  When the Heating plus Air Conditioning professional told me that gas furnace was not usable any longer, I was blown away.  I was even more upset to learn that it was absolutely my own fault.  I had failed to schedule annual heating service for the gas furnace.  Having yearly professional repair is a requirement of the warranty coverage, so the manufacturer would not cover the cost of the upgradement.  Since I failed to have official repairs performed, the gas furnace became completely clogged with dust, pollen, dander plus other debris.  This accumulation limited airflow through the equipment, forcing the gas furnace to run for longer cycles to maintain the temperature control component settings.  The longer running times, friction because of the dust buildup, plus overall wear plus tear led to the gas furnace becoming overheated.  The result was a crack in the heat exchanger.  The crack was so miniscule that I needed to use a magnifying glass to actually see it.  I figured the crack could most likely be patched or the heat exchanger could be upgraded.  I found out that the cost of a modern heat exchanger is a little bit more expensive than purchasing an entirely new gas furnace.  The heat exchanger happens to be extremely important.  It is the part that prevents combustion byproducts, such as carbon monoxide, from mixing with our breathing air.  Now that I have spent an extravagant amount on a whole modern gas furnace, I have enrolled in a maintenance plan with a local Heating plus Air Conditioning contractor to keep my heating equipment in great condition.

Heater in the snow

It’s kind of comical how we can sit on our front porch and look at the storms swirl all around us.  We happen to live high enough that you can see the storms and rain about an hour before it hits us.  It’s the exact same with the snow.  We were going to the city this one day, and I looked over towards the top of the mountain.  I told my hubby that it was snowing, and he looked over to where I had been looking fixedly at.  Sure enough, you could spot the snow falling on the mountain about ten miles away.  We knew it would be getting to us in about an hour and we were wondering if had time to get to city and back.  We took time to stack the wood furnace full of wood, and we also stacked a bunch of wood on the porch so it would remain dry.  Everything was entirely ready for a snowstorm.  We ran into the city and got the regular stuff that would prepare us for a massive snow fall and possibly a loss of electricity, and headed home.  We were just pulling into the driveway when the wind began to howl and the snow started to fall.  It seemed like the wind was blowing straight through the house and we had to turn up the thermostat a couple of degrees.  Within moments, we could recognize the furnace responding.  We gazed at the wood stove, knowing it was going to be needed because the weather forecast was calling for over twenty-two inches of snow.  We were certainly ready for whatever mother nature had to throw at us.

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The cooling device having problems

Our last camping trip was so exciting, yet it was a bit sad.  My boys plus friend’s child were getting too old to want to go camping with us these days, plus they were more interested in staying back home plus running with their friends or their boyfriends.  My youngsters were just getting ready to start driving, plus none of the youngsters were interested in what the moms wanted.  The boys spent a lot of time on the beach, plus the youngsters were out with the other boys they had met, just running around to other camping areas, meeting other kids.  That left my neighbor plus I all by ourselves.  We got out a nice bottle of wine, plus the two of us shared the memories over the pleasant years.  We talked about the time the hot water furnace didn’t work, plus the girls were disappointed over not getting showers.  We talked about the hurricane that went through plus how the mini oil furnace couldn’t keep us warm plus how we sat at the table all night plus played games with the youngsters.  We also remembered the a/c not entirely  working respectfully, plus the two of us tried to figure out what to do with the the camper now that we couldn’t use it any longer.  As the two of us opened our second bottle of wine, our daughters rushed into the camper.  The oldest took our hands plus told us the two of us needed to get changed into our nicest clothes.  They had found a very nice get together, plus they were dancing as well as having the best time.  They wanted one last warm season hurrah plus they wanted to show off their mothers to their friends.  They heard us talking about the complications with the Heating plus A/C equipment plus selling the camper plus we all started to cry.

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Wires with the heater device

After mom’s breaker experience, my hubby made a decision to get an electrician out to check on the breaker switch that leads to the oil furnace.  The electrician said that everything looked fine, as well as he said we needed to get the HVAC service company to come out as well as inspect the oil furnace to find what could be causing a spike in electricity that would cause the breaker to flip over.  We called the HVAC company that we used as well as they were more than ecstatic to come out to the property to check the oil furnace for electrical difficulties.  Mom was complaining that she couldn’t pay for the HVAC company to come out, but we told her that it was being done as a special favor to my hubby as well as I and it would cost her nothing.  She knew we were paying for it, however she didn’t argue with me.  When the HVAC company got to the house, my hubby led him to the oil furnace in the basement.  After a thorough check, he said there was something in the wiring that was definitely causing the surges.  He could service the wiring within the oil furnace, but the oil furnace was so entirely old, it would only bring about more troubles that would soon be happening. It would be best to have it entirely replaced.  He also pointed out where some of the ductwork had cracks as well as it was nothing more than an energy hog.  He said mom’s electric bill had to be extravagant because of all the heat she was losing.  I talked to mom as well as told her what all was going on.  The HVAC company offered her quite a few options, however she wants to take some time to look at the information.

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The christmas heating system

When we woke up this afternoon, we had a frost covered car.  Okay, so it’s November, and there is supposed to be frost, however it was 66 degrees just last week.  What a shock it was to wake up to 27 degrees.  It quickly hit me, that Christmas is coming up soon.  I ran downstairs, and I pulled out our fireplace heater, and brought it to where all of us put the tree.  I was finally getting happy about the holidays.  I had our fireplace furnace in its proper place, and now all I needed was our tree.  I pulled my hubby from his man cave and told him we needed to get our tree out.  He was grumpy, because last month I didn’t even want to talk about Thanksgiving, let alone Christmas.   We finally got around to taking the A/Cs out of the window, and I had cleaned the windows.  I was prepared to shrink wrap them so I could start decorating.  I found the stockings to put on the fireplace heater, and although they aren’t hung up just yet, I have everything ready to go.  When Thanksgiving comes around in a few weeks time, I’ll be able to turn on our beautiful lights.  It just seemed that the frost on the car, and the scent of wood smoke in air from those who use wood stoves, was the trigger.  Our gas furnace was purring, and now I had the fireplace ready to go.  I just need to start baking cookies and get them in freezer for the holiday season.  I need to make a plan for the Christmas celebration, and I can’t wait to smell the chestnuts roasting.  I am so exhilarated.

The a/c tech

All kinds of technology has changed over time! While most people think about PCs and phones, I happen to think about the various types of Heating & Air Conditioning technology. I have actually been in the Heating & Air Conditioning industry for about 30 years. My Granddad started his own company when he was 17 years old… That small company has grown into a multimillion-dollar business. This Heating & Air Conditioning company has nearly 13,000 employees across the country. When I was growing up, my father worked with his father at the Heating & Air Conditioning dealer. They had a delightful relationship and it seemed that it was an enjoyable place to work. When my Granddad passed away, he gave the Heating & Air Conditioning dealer to my father. After I graduated from college with a degree in engineering, I joined the dealer with all kinds of great ideas about up-to-date technology. My family has been hesitant about the up-to-date ideas, however I can see fantastic things coming in our future. There are a lot of up-to-date ways to make Heating & Air Conditioning appliances more energy efficient. I would enjoy taking some of those ideas and see if we can turn them into stunning profits. I am in the process of working on a patent for an up-to-date type of motor. The motor runs with half as much energy usage, as it’s equal contender. If I could get the patent on this unique motor, then it would entirely transform the Heating & Air Conditioning industry. I am going to make my parents extremely proud of me, and they are going to be elated that they sent me to college. There are so many exciting ideas yet to investigate!