The house gas fireplace

We had never had a working fireplace in our old property.  There was a fireplace & a mantle however the gas insert had long since been removed & the flew was secured shut with insulation.  My fiance had always wanted a wood burning fireplace so we could relax near it on freezing Wintertime evenings & the whole property would smell of lovely burning wood.  We had attended a local show where several companies were displaying their many types of fireplaces. We spoke with a few of them & arranged for a heating professional to come out & evaluate our current fireplace & advocate what we could use.  The heating professional came out & was able to tell us that we could not have a wood burning fireplace with the current set up. The fire box was easily not deep enough. It had been built to have a gas insert instead of wood burning. My fiance was of course sad about this, however not for long when she found out that there were some rather elegant gas insert units available.  She finally picked an old looking replica with a cast iron front & a really beautiful grate on the front. The thing I liked best was the remote control beginning & stop feature. You could even determine the temperature you wanted the fireplace to put out with the temperature control. The first few evenings that we sat in our living room with the fireplace on, was a true joy. The gas insert gave off an elegant glow & absolutely heated the room surprisingly well.  We even noticed that our gas bill for that Wintertime was a great deal lower as we didn’t have to heat the entire property all the time with our gas furnace. We could just heat our living room where we spent most of our evenings. Why didn’t we do this years ago?

Hard stretch of heating

Last winter season was an especially rough, cold season.  We had a great deal of snow and the temperatures were well below freezing for a majority of the Winter season months.  One night just before we headed off to bed, the doorbell rang unexpectedly. It was our friend who was shivering out on our doorstep.  We quickly invited her in and inquired about her visit. She stated that her oil furnace had broken down earlier in the morning and the Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance repair company could not come out until the next day.  She didn’t even have to ask. We were thrilled to offer her a hot place to rest for the night. She was so very thankful. As my partner and I finally headed off to bed, it felt nice to be a helpful neighbor. The next morning I happened to be off from my place of work, so I offered help with repair to our friend as needed.  She was totally thankful however assured me that once the Heating and Air Conditioning repair contractor arrived her headache would be over. I let her know that she could stay at our lake property until she knew that they were nearby. The current scheduling method makes it so much more straightforward to know when a serviceman is going to make it to the property.  Often a computer will call you to let you know to expect them in 10 minutes. This is a brilliant repair service especially for those of us who remember waiting most of the day for a repairman to arrive. Our neighbor’s oil furnace was repaired and she was once again living in a heated property. That night both of us acquired another visit to our door however this time is was our friend with a fresh baked peach cobbler to thank us for letting her stay in a hot property.  It is truly nice to have great neighbors!

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Climate control when I watch from home

My friends have constantly loved going to athletic events, especially the hockey games.  I was not an immense hockey fan to start with, but after various years of watching hockey games with my girlfriends, I have learned to really enjoy the game.  The fans plus the atmosphere make it so exhilarating. The only aspect about the game that I have a hard time with is that the games are constantly so cold! It makes sense though, and with the ice in the venue, it really must be at a certain temperature to keep the ice frozen, but it can be quite uncomfortable at times.  I usually remember to dress appropriately for the games, including scarves, gloves, plus a hat. However, when we attend summer season hockey games, I commonly forget to bring Wintertime items to the game. I have suffered through a bunch of games separate from the proper Wintertime items. When this happens, I usually find myself basically daydreaming instead of watching the game.  I dream about my lovely, reliable furnace at my property. I have a smart thermostat too, so I recognize that I will return back to my perfectly heated property. I can even adjust the temperature from my smartphone so that it is comfy plus toasty by the time I return back home. I distract myself by using the smart thermostat application on my phone plus always dream about sitting in my residing room, entirely enjoying the comfortable temperature setting that I chose.  This usually works well for me, but I need to remember to bring a scarf, hat, plus gloves to the next summer season game so I will be able to avoid this discomfort altogether!

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Not sure how much to run my heater for

I live in the most uncertain region of the country.  Most of the year, we deal with Winter season weather.  But the daily weather changes are totally all over the place!  Last year, we experienced a fairly mild Winter season. Everyone said that this meant we would be hit with a horrible Winter season this year.  We anticipated a strenuous Winter season this year, but it has been quite mild. Just when I felt that the Winter season weather was done and that Springtime weather would be coming along, another small Winter season storm came through instead.  The Winter season weather is not all that terrible; it is tolerable compared to other Winter season storms that we had to deal with. But the only concern is that the fluctuations cause some inconveniences. For instance, I never really know how to dress for the afternoon.  Some afternoons, I am wearing a very heavy Winter season coat plus Winter season boots, but on other afternoons, I am wearing a very light jacket plus shoes. Additionally, our heating component has been all over the place! A few weeks back, I was able to spend almost an entire week without heat.  I was certainly enthusiastic because I knew it would supply me a nice little break on our heating bills. Again, I actually believed that the Winter season weather was finally over. Of course I was wrong! The very next day, the Winter season weather came back in full force plus I had to crank up the furnace plus put on my Winter season jacket plus Winter season boots.  I can definitely deal with either weather scenario, sizzling or freezing! The thing that I cannot deal with is the extreme inconsistency. Hopefully, this changes eventually!

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Family discussing heater and a/c

This week I am supposed to be researching Heating and A/C equipment online so my hubby and I can discuss the type of Heating and A/C equipment would suit the needs of our family.  Our Heating and A/C equipment is close to 15 years old and the two of us figure that it is on its last leg of life so we want to take care of the replacement soon. The problem is that I am certainly distracted all of the time.  I am bored researching Heating and A/C systems so then I begin to wander. I will take a call or make a call, answer a text and I have even been known to randomly browse through multiple web pages. This week, for example I am just watching funny youtube videos every couple of minutes instead of just buckling down and doing the research my hubby wants me to do.  I recommend that we simply talk with our Heating and A/C professional and let him make a great recommendation for a Heating and A/C system for us, then the two of us could just go with his suggestion. Seems simple enough right? Wrong! My hubby listened to his suggestion but he still wants me to do all of this research on Heating and A/C equipment, and to be straightforward with you, I have a hard time understanding what I am researching, which is one reason why I keep wandering on to other things.  The other morning when I sat down to do this I soon realized how cluttered our place was so I decided to clean up everything. Now our property looks quite nice so I have no more distractions that would prevent me from researching Heating and A/C equipment. Once again I was wrong, I can find essentially anything to distract me. I think I will just pick the Heating and A/C equipment with the most positive reviews. All those other reviewers can’t be wrong, can they?

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Air quality on the plane

Just the other week, I was forced to fly across country for work.  Now I despise flying, I would rather drive anywhere instead of fly.  However, this time I had no choice but to fly since the trip was arranged the last minute.  The very day I was scheduled to leave I woke up feeling anxious plus bad-tempered. I whined the whole way to the airport plus did my absolute best to be pleasant to the airport staff, after all it wasn’t their fault I was taking the flight.  After I boarded the plane, we had to rest at the terminal gate for quite some time before we were cleared for take off. The place was feeling rather warm plus stuffy even before our plane ride had started. The temperature conditions inside the plane pretty much seemed to get worse.  I kept making a bunch of adjustments to the fan above my head but that air was not much cooler than the rest of the air in the plane. If there is one thing I truly hate more than flying, that would be becoming too hot. The guy resting next to me was sneezing, coughing plus wiping his nose with his hands plus then he would touch everything around him.  I just knew I was going to end up being sick! I wish they could have high quality Heating plus A/C equipment installed into planes to take care of the heating plus cooling needs of their passengers. Most of all though, I wish planes had a UV air purifier that would provide all of the passengers with better air quality plus maybe just maybe it would be able to filter out all the germs people actually bring on board.  I don’t think it is too much to ask, do you?

air conditioning

Our heater is not working as it should

A little over year ago, I purchased a whole new heating system, expecting the investment to pay for itself.  I was hoping to trim our monthly energy costs and delight in a far warmer and more comfortable home. The furnace was installed by a local HVAC supplier at the end of spring.  I really looked forward to the weather turning because I was anxious to try out the new heater. When the temperature dropped into the forties, I turned up the temperature control and was totally disappointed.  The furnace provided very little air and was struggling to keep up with demand. Since the average winter temperature in our area is below cold, I knew the furnace wasn’t going to be able to handle it. I called the HVAC supplier, and they sent a technician to diagnose and resolve the problem.  The guy spent nearly four hours really working on the furnace and then assured me it wouldn’t cause us anymore problems. For about two weeks, the furnace operated perfectly. It then started to make an odd grinding sound every time it started up. I instantly called the HVAC supplier back, and set up another appointment.  This time, the serviceman was able to solve the issue in under an hour, and explained that is was simply a broken belt. Less than a month later, the furnace quit in the middle of the night. Since the outside temperature was down to fifteen degrees, we couldn’t get along without a source of heat. I again contacted the HVAC supplier and demanded that the entire furnace be replaced.  After such a large investment into a heating system, I wanted it to be confident in safe and reliable operation, however i no longer trusted this certain furnace.

oil furnace

Mold and mildew in your cooling

When I first started up my a/c in the spring, I knew something was wrong and should have made a professional service appointment.  The cooling system did not seem to be putting out as much air as normal. It was running for long cycles, making more noise, and yet struggling to meet demand.  Despite lowering the temperature control by a couple degrees, the home still felt hot and sticky. After paying a super high monthly electric bill, I decided to invest in repair.  I contacted a local heating, ventilation, and a/c corporation and was then forced to wait over a week for an appointment. During that time, the performance of the a/c continued to deteriorate.  I noticed a musty smell in the air, an abundance of airborne dust floating around, and the a/c started to leak. I finally shut it down completely, hoping to avoid further damage to the system. Living without air conditioning, even for a couple of days, was a nightmare.  The outside temperature was in the mid-nineties with excessive humidity, and running box fans wasn’t all that helpful. When the heating, ventilation, and a/c technician finally arrived and took the cooling unit apart, he showed me the buildup of contamination within the equipment.  The amount of dust, mold, algae and other debris within the a/c was disgusting. The cooling system was leaking because of algae flourishing in the condensate drain. The foul smells and restricted air flow was the direct result of mold growth on the cooling coil. While I was relieved that a thorough cleaning was able to restore operation, I was worried about these issues happening again.  I have now enrolled in a professional maintenance program with the local heating, ventilation, and a/c dealer, which includes annual cleaning.

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Need to change the thermostat a bit

  I am beginning to think that it’s possible for people’s sleeping habits may change over time. Take me for instance, I always used to be a heavy sleeper as a child, but as I got older it seemed like I was far less likely to have restful at night.… I also used to have a lot of nightmares, which luckily have lessened over the years, and more than that, I never used to snore or sleepwalk. Apparently, these days I do both!

               I entirely had no idea until my wifey clued me in, about random things happening around the home at night. Most notably, our thermostat was being adjusted in the dead of night. For a while, neither of us had a clue about how this was happening, because we could not remember getting up to change the indoor air conditions. After a few occurrences, my wifey started blaming me for the temperature modification! She accused me of sleepwalking over to the thermostat and turning the air conditioner all the way up. I was indignant and demanded to hear how she figured that the cold home and high energy costs were my fault! I never behaved like that before in my life; not as a sleepwalker or a serial thermostat shifter, either!

           That’s when she told me the truth. She knew it was me because I was loudly snoring the entire way to the thermostat. I woke her up with my loud rumbling breathing. She could track my movement down the long hallway towards the temperature control unit, based on the volume of my snoring. Afterwards he could hear and feel the air conditioning unit power up its highest.

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Cost of outside HVAC hours


           At certain times, patience is a virtue, but it can also be a big mistake; I am not a patient person, plus I get quite angry when I’m supposed to. I don’t like waiting in lines, being put on hold when I make iphone calls, or waiting in traffic more than anything on earth! When I want something accomplished, I want it accomplished NOW, so that I can move on with my business That’s why it was so hard Last week when our oil furnace failed in the middle of the night.

              It was very cold outside while we had a random Spring cold snap. Abruptly, our whole house was about forty degrees. To make matters worse, it was a long holiday weekend. I didn’t think I could call for help with my central heating because every ventilation service shop would be closed. I knew that it would cost extra to have a professional Heating & A/C specialist on the scene on a normal afternoon, and even more over the course of a major holiday weekend! I was not interested in spending all that cash just for the service call, let alone the actual oil furnace repair. I decided to wait for regular supplier time.

                 I spent several days wrapped in every warm thing I could find, blasting space heating systems all over the house, plus continually drinking hot beverages. When Tuesday finally arrived, I called the Heating & A/C shop plus told them my tale of woel plus financial responsibility. Then the told me me that they charge a 24/7 flat-rate service fee, even on long holiday weekends.

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